Dormant Grass Seeding Tips for Homeowners

Maintaining a healthy looking lawn isn’t always easy. As a homeowner, there is nothing more important than having a nice lawn. It’ll often require hours of hard work, especially if your lawn suffers from dormant grass seedlings. Here are some tips and lawn care techniques to encourage healthy growth.

Selecting the Proper Grass Seeds

When purchasing seed mix, it’s important to remember that not all seeds are created equal, which is why it’s always better to choose the highest-quality seed mix. Many seed mixes contain weed seeds as well, you should always choose the seed mixture that says “Contains No Weed Seeds.” In order to find the best quality seed mix, you should look at the NTEP (National Turf Evaluation Program) rating.

Preparing the Soil

After you finish planting the new grass seeds, you should then rake the top layer of soil. The seeds will then germinate better once they’re mixed with the soil. By lightly raking the grass seeds it will help the soil and seed mix together; you should do this until the seeds are buried 1/3″ or until they’re evenly distributed.

How to Roll a Lawn

After you plant the seeds and prepare the soil, you should then roll the lawn. Using a lawn roller will help level the soil, which is an important part of germination. You should try to roll over the planting area in one pass. When rolling your lawn, the roller should be approximately one-fourth full, which is just enough weight to press the seeds into the soil.

Spreading Straw or Mulch

During the germination process, you should apply a seed cover to help keep the seeds moist, which also helps protect the seeds from birds and erosion. When choosing a seed cover, it’s usually recommended to use mulch, which has been proven … Read More

3 Maintenance Tips for Your Lake House

If you own a lake house, you probably already know that it takes a fair amount of maintenance to keep it in good shape. But what if you’ve only recently purchased a new lakeside property, or what if your old methods aren’t keeping your real estate as well-ordered as you’d like? If you need a little help with your lake house management, here are just three things to consider.

1. Automate Your Controls

This is one of the easiest ways to maintain your lake house even when you aren’t physically present to lock the doors and turn off the lights. When you’ve hooked it up to programmable controls, your thermostat will lower itself and your coffeemaker will rinse itself. You won’t have to be inside of the lake house to perform these everyday tasks. Everything will be automatic.

2. Get Smart

In the same vein as the above, you might also be interested in “smart” technology for your lake house. Instead of simply programming your garage doors to open at certain times, you can direct them to open with the help of a smartphone app. It might cost a little money to install this kind of high-tech magic in your lake home, but it’ll be worth it when you’re able to keep things locked and lit up even when you’re thousands of miles away.

3. Clear the Lake

You can skip this step if your property is on the edge of a huge commercial lake that you have no control over, but if your lake is something small or something that you’re responsible for, you’ll need to maintain it just like your vacation home. The good news is that you can do a lot with things like aeration pumps for lakes, so it doesn’t have to be a major … Read More

Energy Efficient Homes With Parks In Minimalist Homes

The house is incomplete without having a garden. The park becomes a conditioning and refreshment for a house. Parks can be placed on the front or back of a house. However, with the development of a minimalist concept in a house, an idea has now emerged to present a garden in the minimalist home. Parks like this not only give a new face to a residence, but also have many other functions that have high urgency. Then what is the concept of a park in this minimalist home?

Park in a Minimalist Home More Efficient
The park is actually outside the house, but now there is a new concept by bringing up a garden inside the house. Why should there be a garden inside the house? Is it just to enhance the appearance in the house? Parks placed inside the house have a lot of functions. The main function of a garden in a minimalist home like this is actually to provide light and air openings for the room in the house that was originally unable to get much light and air from outside.

Minimalist houses are usually built on the grounds of limited land space. This minimalist house is made in many housing complexes which are usually the distance of one house with another house meeting and causing a lack of light and air entering the room, especially if all the land has been used for buildings.

By presenting a garden in this house, the room in the house that was originally unable to get light and outside air, has now got it. Side effects from this certainly have a positive impact on you. The reason is that you can save your budget in monthly fees because you have saved energy.

A room in a house that has lots
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