How to Decide if You Need a New Roof

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It provides insulation as well as protection from all of the elements. By focusing on residential roofing McKinney TX residents are able to protect their home effectively.

At some point, you have to decide whether you need a repair or a new roof entirely. There are a few considerations to keep in mind to help you with this decision.

Number of Repairs

How many repairs have you made to your roof? If you have been making substantial repairs over the past several years, it may be more affordable for you to simply replace the roof.

Calculate how much you have spent on your roof in the past five years. Then, talk with the roofing professional find out how much more you are likely to spend and compare it to the cost of a new roof. It will help you to make your decision.

Age of Roof

How old is your roof? Most asphalt shingle roofs are designed to last about 20 years. If your roof has suffered substantial damage, such as from wind and rain, it may last less than that. Being a homeowner means being responsible. Once your roof has gotten past a certain age, it may be best to replace it.


You also have to take aesthetics into consideration. If your roof is looking older, repairs aren’t going to do anything about the appearance. You may want to consider changing out the material on your roof. For example, you may want to change the color of the asphalt shingles or upgrade to metal or slate. This can provide you with a higher level of insulation and a considerable change to the overall aesthetics.

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How Weight Bearing Down On the Roof Should Figure Into Replacement Product Choices

No matter how well-built your home is, age and weathering will eventually begin to weaken the structure and leave it vulnerable to all sorts of damage. The weight of your roofing materials can make a big difference in whether you get by many more years without needing extensive repairs from stress.

Age of Your Home

The older your home is, the more it has seen in the way of temperature changes, storms, and will begin to lose strength with each passing year. The more you weigh it down with heavy roofing composition and materials, the more likely it is that you will begin having structural problems. The foundation could seem perfectly fine, but everything above that starts getting challenged by holding up the enormous amounts of weight of some roofing materials.

The Weight of the Base Materials

The base of your roof could incorporate many types of materials. Some are based using plywood, OSB board, lumber, or lathe boards. The weight of these products alone pushing down on the wall structures can seem like a tremendous load.

How Many Layers of Materials Are On the Roof?

It is not unusual to see two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof. At 2.75 to 3.25 pounds per square foot, this makes asphalt shingles pretty heavy, especially if there are two layers. Consider the amount of stress this places on the structure of an older home.

Earthquakes and Storms

Living in an area where earthquakes are not common, but a real possibility will show the importance of considering the weight bearing down on your home and how it can affect the outcome of a natural disaster. Storms with high winds can also lead to disaster when the load is too big for your walls to hold up while under weather stress.

Comparing Metal to Asphalt and Tile

The weight of aluminum roofing is 0.50 PSF and steel weighs in at about 0.80 PSF. Compare this with asphalt shingles at 2.75 to 3.25 PSF. Clay tile is even worse at 12 to 20 PSF. If your home is beginning to age, the kinder, gentler approach to choosing replacement roofing products is to go with a durable light product like steel or aluminum.

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Conserving the Beauty of Your Design Tiles

We have all come across tiled and one thing we must admit is that a tiled surface is elegant and eye-catching.  The use of tiles to cover walls, floors, and kitchen tops is becoming common by the day and especially in the modern day. In as much as it was there in the ancient days, the artwork was not as decorative as it is today; thanks to the use of design tiles.

Tiles are beautiful especially when they are used to accentuate a room or as a focal point in a room. However, the beauty comes out with ease where there are patterns with a different spectrum of colors and styles. A majority of people tend to think that tiles are particularly for the kitchen or bathroom walls. However, they also bring out an aesthetic appeal to other unexpected areas, for example, the bathroom floors.

What must you consider before buying tiles?

Tile designs carry an enormous amount of history. They come in different forms, sizes, and shapes given that they are for different uses.  However, there is need to exercise some caution, especially when buying design tiles. Remember they are very delicate and besides you want to tap into their maximum beauty.  Here are some factors you can consider as you chose your tiles:

  • Tear and wear

The area of application and frequency of use determines what kind of tile is suitable. Understanding the type of dirt and degree the surface will be handling is equally a good guidance into buying the correct tile. It is worth noting that different resistance groups of tiles are appropriate for different types of surfaces.

  • Stain resistance and water absorption rate

Bathrooms are always wet because they are in constant use. That said the tiles should be an excellent choice to stand the wet area.  A glazed ceramic tile though nonporous is a good choice because it is able to absorb water through its body.

On the other hand, low water absorption tiles are exceptional in stain resistance. They are easy to clean and have a longer service life.

  • Slip resistance

Normally floor tiles have the exposure to spills or wetness. Thus the more you shall require a slip-resistant floor tile.

  • Cost

The market boasts of a wide range of tiles. However, they all have different prices depending on their texture and the truth is that design tiles are not cheap. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to involve a tile expert before making any financial commitment on your choice of tiles.

Best practices in maintaining design tiles

Tile care and cleaning are of great importance. Maintaining your tile on a regular basis not only keeps dirt away but it also helps in building a habit of keeping them clean. Proper maintenance gives them long life and prolongs their durability. However, the truth is that cleaning of tiles is not anyone’s piece of cake but with the following tips it stops being a daunting task: –

  • Sweeping your tile floors every day
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Practical Ways to Increase Security in Crowded Areas

Crowded locations are risky because they get a lot of foot traffic, and the process of maintaining a high level of security throughout these areas can be challenging if proper solutions are used to prevent crime. The security industry has specialists who understand the need for advanced products for large business facilities. As a result, many business managers can renovate spaces with practical tools that are designed to enhance security in lobbies, halls, and other locations. However, in order to protect zones that get crowds, you’ll need a strong defensive strategy, and a solid security layout requires turnstile doors, security officers, and motion sensors.

Use a Turnstile Revolving Door

Revolving turnstile doors can boost security in areas where you keep valuable items. If someone in a crowd tries to access a space that has this kind of door, the process of entering the location will be challenging. Modern turnstile doors are reliable because they use a scanning technology to lock and unlock the latch. This means that a criminal can’t open these doors without a proper security card.

Another advantage is that a turnstile door will benefit your staff throughout important projects when a building is crowded. As noise levels rise around the door, everyone in the secured space won’t hear the effects since noise-canceling hardware is used to construct the main housing.

Scatter Security Guards Throughout the Areas

When a building is crowded, some people may try to access areas that lack efficient security tools. If you’re not able to put security systems on walls throughout halls and other vulnerable locations, simply place security guards on floors where you need increased security. By scattering multiple guards throughout different zones, potential criminal won’t invade secured spaces.

Mount Motion Sensors in Vulnerable Zones

Motion sensors can simplify the process of securing items that are kept in areas where security guards won’t access, such as basements. These products are reliable because they emit a loud sound whenever someone walks near the sensors.

All of these solutions can boost security on a traditional business property. If you’re going to replace your doors to increase security, consider a revolving product that can handle intense sound frequencies and harsh environmental elements.… Read More

When Renovating, Pick out Your Furniture First

Furniture outlets are huge, but pretty much everything in there is just slight variations on a theme. We wanted a distinct look for our dining room, so we sought the furniture we wanted to buy online. For example, we found some ring-back chairs at that you just do not see in furniture stores. Most people have never seen dining chairs with rings on the back that act as handles. They are the same price range as ones you can find in stores, but they are better. Buying online has sure upped the class of furniture we have in our home without increasing our budget.

We needed the extra we got in these fabulous dining room chairs to match the refinished antique table we bought. We painted the room and decorated it to match the upholstery of the dining chairs we purchased.… Read More