Get to know the Inner Court, Park in Space

There are many ways to present the green feel of plants in a home. Design a dry garden, vertical garden, put various pots on a shelf, or even make a garden in the room. Park in space or often called the inner court is one way that nature and the outside atmosphere can be felt inside the house.

Like a park, the inner court is open and semi open, can be closed with a transparent roof or no roof at all. Imagine, not fresh air or rain water that can be felt inside the house? When worried about rain, the roof design with an open-close system makes it easy. With such a design, the inner court provides other benefits, besides being just a green view in the room, adding aesthetics, and giving a broad impression. The advantage is that the inner court can make the room glow with sunlight breaking through, and maximize air circulation.

To design it, no specific area is needed. Large house or limited area can be present. Even so, the position of the inner court is very important to note. Instead, place the garden of this room in a part of the house that requires adequate air circulation, such as in the back or a location where all family members gather, including the dining room and family room.
Then, what is the inner court designed for? Generally, the inner court is dominated by rocky elements, such as coral and plants that are not too high, such as grass, shrubs or shrubs. In addition, choose plants that need a little heat from the sun to facilitate treatment, for example Sansevieria plants (tongue-in-law). Trees can also be planted, just don’t place too many trees so the house doesn’t feel cramped, full, or damp. The water pool is also Read More

Problems a Disaster Recovery Company Can Fix

Disaster recovery companies are very helpful when your home has sustained a major amount of damage from a variety of causes. It is crucial that you call the right people to do the repair work for you if your home has been destroyed by the forces of Mother Nature. The people who work for disaster recovery companies have received special training that a normal contractor will not have. There are many different disasters that these companies have knowledge about repairing. Here are a few examples of the problems that a disaster recovery company will be able to help you with.

1. Flooding can cause a variety of problems in your home that can severely damage your property.

People who live close to a river have a chance of having their home flooded during a big storm. This can cause a number of problems. The water itself is not the only thing you will need to worry about. Water that is not removed from your home in a timely fashion can create mold that has the ability to destroy walls and create a health hazard for people living in the home. Disaster recovery companies have the equipment needed to remove the water and dry out the wet areas. They will then be able to remove the mold so it is no longer a threat.


2. Storms can rip off the roof of your home and blow out windows.

There are many powerful types of storms that are common in certain parts of the country. These storms can form very quickly and strike without warning. The results can be devastating if your home is in their path. This is why you need to hire experts who are experienced in tornado damage repair. They can get your home to look like … Read More

Why a Smart Home Security System is a Smart Choice

According to statistics, there are over 1 million attempted burglaries in the UK each year. What’s more alarming is that these burglaries are only committed upon the presentation of opportunity. The opportunity comes because around 64{0f1897bc7dcd810d61cf3ec0366524d5ae5e9daab86c1b7d2634659b55095d73} of homeowners admitted that they occasionally leave doors unlocked when they are outside. For those who have burglar alarms installed, 34{0f1897bc7dcd810d61cf3ec0366524d5ae5e9daab86c1b7d2634659b55095d73} confess to rarely activating their alarms.

Considering these numbers, there is a need to heighten home security. Fortunately, a basic alarm is no longer the only option. Innovation in home security has given rise to smart home installation designs, incorporating security, among other features. This pertains to the automation of home technology, including security systems where the owner has the capacity to remotely access and control the system through the use of a mobile application or online dashboard.


Smart home security system

The “smart” component comes through the use of wireless connectivity. Home security systems that are interconnected and controllable remotely add to the appeal of the technology. Usually, a smart home security system consists of motion sensors, cameras, smart locks, and alarms connected to a dashboard and controlled using a wireless protocol. Depending on the plan offered, the homeowner can choose to have add-ons or different gadgets such as a tablet which is handy enough to be carried around.

There are many options for customisation, depending on the type of system or product you buy. For example, you can get a home security kit that can also serve as a baby monitor. There are kits that include the option to automatically switch on lights when a door is open. There are some home security kits that allow you to monitor your loved ones through a small device they can carry with them.


Components of a good home security system

Since … Read More