Furniture outlets are huge, but pretty much everything in there is just slight variations on a theme. We wanted a distinct look for our dining room, so we sought the furniture we wanted to buy online. For example, we found some ring-back chairs at that you just do not see in furniture stores. Most people have never seen dining chairs with rings on the back that act as handles. They are the same price range as ones you can find in stores, but they are better. Buying online has sure upped the class of furniture we have in our home without increasing our budget.

We needed the extra we got in these fabulous dining room chairs to match the refinished antique table we bought. We painted the room and decorated it to match the upholstery of the dining chairs we purchased. The entire dining room is now coordinated for the first time since we lived here. Our living room and bedrooms are done, and we have the kitchen and second bath to renovate now. We picked our furniture before we renovated so that everything comes together at the end to be fully coordinated. No more clashing colors or textures we used to have with hand-me-downs and thrift store items. For the first time since we got married, our house is fashionable and coordinated.

I really like the new look. I was used to the way things were, but this upgrade sure makes you really proud to show of your home to guests, and we were able to do it on our budget. The key is to get quality without paying extra for it. Shopping online gives you so many more options than you get by trying to just shop locally. Furniture and accessories may be the last thing you buy during renovations, but it should be the first thing your consider.