How To Optimize Your Space in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments come with many perks: accessibility, cheaper rent and less square footage to keep clean; however, it can be tricky to fit all your belongings into a confined area. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your space.

1. Doors

You can use your space efficiently in your studio luxury apartment in peter cooper village by taking advantage of your doors. You can store jackets, towels and other bath items on over-the-door-hangers. There are also spice racks and other storage options that can attach to pantry doors to keep your kitchen organized and your counters free of clutter.

2. Furniture

If you are moving into a studio, choose pieces of furniture that give you as much storage as possible. A platform bed can offer a vast amount of room for off-season clothes and shoes. Try to find a tv stand, coffee table and kitchen table that will double as a place to stash away extra bedding or holiday decorations.

3. Walls

Hanging wall shelves and bookcases will ensure you are making your space as productive as possible. Not only will your apartment look put together with wall space being used, but you also won’t have to worry about downsizing any of your favorite things.

The tips above will get your new apartment organized and efficient, but it is also a smart idea to go through all of your things and donate clothes that don’t fit you or toss any other junk you have held on to before

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