3 Helpful Tips for Your Master Bathroom Renovation

Thinking about renovating your master bathroom? Consider form and function as you make this important renovation that will improve your everyday life. Here are three helpful tips to remember as you create the luxurious master bath you’ve always wanted.

1. Switch up the Layout

If your current master bathroom just isn’t functioning as well as it should, it’s time to rethink the layout. Consult a professional remodeling contractor Arlington TX to help you bring your plans to life. In a luxurious master bathroom, it’s all about openness and flow. Install a new window or remove your old shower stall and replace it with a frameless glass shower. The options are truly endless, and the only limit is your own imagination.

2. Choose a Quality Tub

Turn your bath into your favorite place to relax by installing a top-of-the-line tub. If you’re taking the plunge on a bathroom renovation, you might as well do it the right way. Modern bathtubs can be customized to include every bell and whistle you can think of, including surround sound, multidirectional whirlpool jets and even waterproof TVs! Determine which features you’d use the most and add them to your new custom tub.

3. Include Luxury Finishes

No bathroom renovation is complete without adding some luxury finishes to enhance the aesthetics of the space. You can do this by installing a new vanity, complete with a majestic solid stone top. Surfaces like slate, limestone or marble will add a touch of richness to the space. In

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Ways To Improve Your Office Space

Your office space is cramped and cluttered. It is difficult to be productive in the space and you are looking for a way to make it more your style. With a few updates and organizational methods, you can get back to work in a room that is comfortable for you. Here are a few tips to accomplish that.

New Workspace

Visit your indianapolis office furniture store and look for new fixtures that will fit in your space yet be comfortable for you. You should consider options for storage like a filing cabinet or bookshelf. The desk you choose must work with your height yet be ergonomically correct when you are using your keyboard. You will also want enough space on the surface for items you are working on plus your monitor and external speakers if you have them. Find a comfortable chair to sit in while finishing your tasks.

Unique Storage For Items

If you have your purse or coat in your office, mount hangers on the wall for them to free up additional space. Set your printer or scanner on the top of a file cabinet or the shelf of your bookshelf to give yourself elbow room on your desktop. Having a wireless keyboard and mouse allows you to type off your desk and on your lap or any surface available. You can also get baskets or decorative boxes to hold files or binders.

Personal Touches

Add a plant or two to your desk or cabinets to add color

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Light in the Home

Light is transformative. Bringing light into a dark space can make it seem larger and more open. Changing the lighting on your selfie can completely change the way you look. The power of light and lighting is truly remarkable. It is well worth paying attention to where and how you light your home, as it can really change the way you see your home.

Natural Light

The best light is natural light, but it’s also the hardest to come by and comes with its own complications. If your home is flooded with light in the morning, it may not have much by the afternoon. Too much natural light can be a curse for AC bills, especially in the summer. Maximize the natural light you have, and control it with curtains and venetian or cellular shades Boston or your area.

Lamps and Fixtures

Where natural light fails, artificial light fills in. There are countless options, from overhead lights that may be recessed or free hanging, to artful table lamps and useful floor lamps. Mix things up in your home with different styles and soften harsh bulbs with countless varieties of shades.

Light Bulbs

You may not think much about the bulbs that go into your fixtures but they can make a huge difference on the quality of light in your home as well as your electricity bills. LED and other high-efficiency, long lasting light bulbs have become better and now come in countless hues and brightness levels. You can even get

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