Casters vs. Wheels: What You Need to Know

You may have heard of casters but not really know what they are or how they differ from wheels. In fact, most people just refer to these as wheels when they see them.

However, what most people don’t realize is that caster wheels are more than just wheels.

In many fields, when searching for a specific product, it’s necessary to be as specific as possible when it comes to describing or naming what you want. Knowing the proper name of a product is essential. Because of this, you need to know the difference between casters and wheels.

Wheels Defined

Everyone knows what a wheel is. It’s a round object with a hole in the middle that’s used as a shaft to work for the desired purpose. This purpose can be anything you need to do. It can also be defined as a circular cylinder of lesser or greater width that spins on an axle, like a car’s wheels. Today, wheels are used for many different mechanical purposes.

The wheel was invented more than 5000 years ago and changed the way humans do everything. However, it has only been around 150years since the caster was first introduced. That’s why there is still some confusion around what a caster is and how it is used.

Casters Defined

A caster does include a wheel; however, it is more than just a wheel. In fact, a caster is an assembly that includes a wheel and a bracket, which is sometimes called a “yoke” or … Read More

Renewable Energy Options for Your Home

You know that moving to renewable energy is good for the environment. You’d love to install solar panels and throw away all those increasingly high utility bills, but there’s always something in the way. Buying a solar system is a big initial cost. Maybe you don’t own your home. Maybe you want a system that can completely free you from the utility company instead of relying on credits. Whatever your objection has been in the past, it’s time to make the change to renewable energy. Here are three options that fit a variety of personal circumstances.

Sign Up With a Renewable Energy Provider

One of the most common barriers to using renewable energy is renting your home. Small utility companies, like Verde Energy, are popping up across the country and are an environmentally friendly alternative to your traditional utility company, and as long as you pay your own utility bill, you’re eligible. In the U.S., approximately 80 percent of energy production and consumption was from fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.  Renewable energy providers push solar and wind-generated electricity into the grid to cover your usage.

While there’s no way to know if that is the electricity you are getting, it is the electricity you are paying for and it is clean energy added to the system. Often you’ll be able to lock in prices that will save you money, but you’ll still be charged fees from your local utility to maintain the electrical lines, substations and the … Read More

Steps To Keep Your Process Flow Moving Along

Process manufacturing relies heavily on efficient and well-maintained equipment. Should even the slightest error occur with a piece of tech, it can disrupt the entire process line and may even have a larger impact on the supply chain. To avoid such incidents, you absolutely want to keep your flow moving by putting an emphasis on maintaining your machinery in the right way. These tips will help you develop a strategy you can use to your advantage.

Break Actions Into a Timeline

Every piece of equipment involved in your process line is going to have a different set of requirements for maintenance. Beyond this, some services need to be conducted more often than others. Your first action when creating a strategy for maintenance is to break the various tasks related to repairs into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual categories. This will provide you with better insight into the priority order of each step.

Create a Checklist of Maintenance Steps

You are also going to want to go a little further into the way you organize the needs of each piece of equipment. This means reviewing the requirements of all machinery and arranging the maintenance tasks in a way that suits the needs of the tech. With your plating tanks, for example, you want to take time on a daily basis to check and see if there is any floating oil in the tank and take proper steps to remove any that is present.

Prioritize Prevention Over Response

Some problems are … Read More