When it comes to growing indoor plants, it takes a lot of dexterity and patience to do it right. Just like people, plants require special care. This care becomes more delicate and demanding when you’re growing the plant indoors. To help you care more for your plant and increase its lifespan, we have curated six tips that will be of immense help to you for growing your outdoor plants.

On ReviewsBird.com, you’ll also find online stores experiences about indoor plants and what they can bring to a living space. Below are six tips for growing healthy indoor plants.

1.Understand The Plant:

It is one thing to buy a plant, and it is another thing to understand what nutrients the plant requires for growth as well as the level of water it needs. If you must grow a healthy plant, make sure to make as much enquiries as you can about the plant and what it requires. For example, Opuntia cactus thrives best in dry condition. Watering it too much could lead to its death.


Pruning is essential for healthy plant growth. You can easily pick out the weak and wilting plants. Pruning is a good way to eliminate the competition between the healthy and unhealthy plants for nutrients and water.

3.Allow Light In:

Every plant needs a certain amount of sunlight to grow well. Plants need sunlight in the process of manufacturing their own food through photosynthesis. This is why your plant bends toward the direction of the light ray. Always let your plant receive sunlight for optimum growth and health.

4.Get Rid Of The Pests:

Pests are common with plants be it outdoor or indoor plants. Though their occurrence is reduced in indoor plants. These pests come in different forms and sizes. Once you notice the presence of a pest, get rid of it with the right pesticide. Pests are capable of killing plants within a very short time.

5.Make Use Of The Right Soil:

Some indoor plants do very well in sandy soil, others perform poorly in it. To ensure healthy plant growth, identify the right soil for your plant and use it in growing it. You can do this by keenly studying a soil profile or speaking to a botanist to save yourself stress as well as get professional advice.


Sometimes people go overboard with tending to their plants all in the name of caring for it. Some use more than the required amount of manure or fertiliser, some water so much that the plant literally drowns. Moderation is the key to healthy plant growth. Take things coolly and watch your plant do just great.

Final Notes

We hope you employ these tips in growing your existing and new house plants. Nothing beats consistent care in growing a plant. All you have to do is follow the simple tips and watch out for anything out of the normal. You too can grow healthy and admirable plants.