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I am so sad to see Jason let go he is truely a gentleman and an all rounder . I even have love watching his segment each week and don’t assume anybody will be able to fill his shoes. Won’t be watching once more, he was the only one I loved.

The bhg present will never be the identical with out JASON. So much well deserved support, incorrect decision Channel 7, you have to know that by now. Get rid of nasty, spiteful shows like MKR and promote shows that depart us feeling optimistic and informed by honest individuals like Jason. Jason’s phase was one of the highlights of the present, a real personality and informative. Jason, we are certain you’ll be scooped up by one other community.

Going to look at The Living Room any more. “health and fitness and motoring”? we don’t watch the present or subscribe to the magazine to get that sort of info, there are other platforms for that. Jason had an ideal spot in the present and I’m sorry BHG but you’ve made an enormous mistake altering one thing that wasn’t broke. So dissatisfied that Jason and Danny have been dropped from BHG.

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