3 Types of Erosion Control

Erosion is a process. It occurs when soil and rocks are moved due to wind or water flow. Not only does erosion affect beaches and other types of public property, but it also affects private property and wildlife. It also increases pollution in waterways. If you are in an area that experiences erosion, consider investigating erosion control Southern California.


Hydroseeding is used to quickly and inexpensively seed your lawn. The process requires mixing seeds, mulch, water and other soil amendments. High pressure is then used to push this mixture into your soil evenly. After hydroseeding, your lawn should germinate quickly, within 1-3 weeks, and as the roots develop, erosion is stopped or slowed. Hydroseeding also helps reduce dust pollution, prevent weeds and create beautiful spaces, such as  parks.


Grading is used to reduce slope angles and amend soil surface. This process not only controls erosion and runoff, but it also improves vegetation establishment. Your yard will have a more pleasing appearance and improved stability. However, your topography and soil type may impact the effectiveness of this erosion control method.


Mulch is used to cover seeds, improve soil nutrients and help prevent the soil from drying out and forming a crust. It also keeps the soil temperature more moderate. Mulching a yard encourages seed germination and plant growth and establishment. As the roots dig down into the ground, they prevent erosion. Mulch is often used along with other erosion control measures, especially on steep slopes, where netting

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Home & Garden Vermont

home and garden

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How to Choose the Right House Cleaning Service

Everything is a balancing act at the moment, and maybe you feel like it’s not going so well! You might be considering ways you can leverage your time and energy to help life move about more easily. One of the things that you might be considering is hiring a house cleaning service. Knowing what to look for in advance can help you avoid being gypped by the plethora of sales pitches out there!

Here are some things to look out for:

They actually sound professional

When a representative answers the phone, how do they sound? Do they have a professional greeting, or does it sound like someone who just doesn’t care? Can that person respond to any questions that you have, or move you to the person that can? What are you picking up from the first impression?

Do they have a website?

If a house cleaning company doesn’t have a website, that could potentially be a red flag. In today’s age having a website is one’s virtual real estate. It confirms to people know that your business is really real.

References and reviews

Can you verify the past work of this company? Can you find them on Yelp or Google my business? On their website do they provide reviews of past clients and customers? It is important that you find out what other people are saying about a house cleaning company to help assure you of your decision to hire or not.

Can they meet your demands?


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