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BHG you have misplaced the star of the show. Our family fast ahead to Jason’s segment and re-watch to try and use his sensible, achievable and affordable tasks.

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He even made mowing lawns attention-grabbing! I hope he will get snapped up by another channel as I know there are many viewers who would definitely change channels to observe him.

CYO on a rival channel soon we hope. I can’t believe that Jason gained’t be again subsequent 12 months. I liked the present and he was one of the main reasons. Why don’t folks realise once they’re onto a good factor???

I assume Graeme should be leaving as his segment has turn out to be boring and I feel it is just useful to his enterprise. I am very saddened that Jason has been let go.

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Homes Recently Listed in the Helena Area

home and garden

Good luck Jason onwards and upwards to larger and better issues. I’m in tears, I just watched Jason’s last Better Homes and Gardens, I feel as if I have lost a family member. Please bring Jason again, he makes me laugh, to me he is Better Homes and Gardens. Maybe channel 10 will create a show around Jason. Well that was upsetting to see one other change for the more severe.

I can’t imagine that seven community has let Jason go from the better houses and gardens show. I even have at all times loved his segments every week and now I may be watching the lounge on the win network instead. You have let go a very knowledgeable and essential member of the staff. It’s spring — the time you could affiliate with refreshing your house and gardens and tackling waiting projects.

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Homes Recently Listed within the Helena Area

home and garden

We will hold watching the present to see how motoring goes on a home and backyard show. I hope it’s not the start of the top for what has been a great program. He is great for the present his segments are practical, fascinating, entertaining and funny. He knows what he’s talking about, can relate to people and has a big coronary heart. Hope channel 7 and Better Ho e & Garden rethinks this error……….

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CYO on a rival channel quickly we hope. I can’t consider that Jason received’t be again next yr. I beloved the show and he was one of the main causes. Why don’t individuals realise once they’re onto a great thing???

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