For those looking to upgrade their counters but don’t know where to start, there are a variety of choices you may not have considered. While marble has been a long-time staple to kitchen counters, it is not for everyone. If you want some design inspiration, follow this guide for three marble alternatives to help you get your dream kitchen.


Are you looking for a novel concept for your kitchen? Concrete isn’t just for the streets anymore, as these unique countertops are becoming trendy statements in kitchens across the country. This durable material offers designers unique counterbalances to bright kitchen cabinets or sleek modern touches in others. While the costs alone are a good reason to pick concrete, many DIY-ers love the ease of installation as well. As a bonus, these countertop colors are easy to adjust to match your room’s palette.


For those fond of the marble look but not the budget, quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA offers the opportunity for high-end kitchen looks at a more affordable price. This trendy material is a great way to get durability and lifespan out of your counters. Since quartz counters are manufactured, you have greater flexibility in design and color as you create your dream layout. These counters are the perfect addition to any room with a guarantee to last.


Finally, if you are looking to move away from the stone look and introduce more earthy tones, consider a butcher block countertop. Besides their cost-effective solutions to any redesign, these surfaces create a statement in any kitchen. While more high-maintenance than their stone counterparts, these counters are a beautiful addition to the space. If you are looking to add a conversational focal point, you can always do a mixed design with a butcher block island for a warm touch to your new room.

You’re going to love your new kitchen.