Planning and building your dream home is, well, a dream come true for many people. From picking a piece of property to deciding on the finishing touches, following a few basic tips can help you realize that dream with a home that fits your lifestyle and needs.

1. Build for Your Lifestyle

What works for your neighbor may be completely unsuitable for you. make a list of your family’s priorities and pastimes. This will help inform the designs that will work best for your lifestyle. Instead of choosing to go with a builder’s standard plan, consider contracting a custom architectural design that allows you to have a greater influence over the process.

2. Keep an Eye to Your Future

Life has many stages, and your home needs to be able to accommodate them. When you are planning a house that you intend to live in for a long time, you need to think beyond the present. If you have young children, remember that they will grow up and move on to new hobbies and interests. If retirement isn’t too far off, accessibility may be a consideration in your planning process. Keep the space and design flexible enough to accommodate those changes.

3. You can Never Have Enough Storage

People tend to accumulate lots of stuff. That means that storage space is often the most valuable square footage in a home. Even if you think you have planned for enough storage, add some more. You really can’t have too much. Add easy access to attic storage spaces, increase kitchen cabinets, and make the bedroom and linen closets larger than you think you’ll need.

Have fun with your design process. Yes, it can be frustrating and the actual building portion will probably take longer than you want to wait. But, if you follow a few basic guidelines, you will end up with the house that you have always dreamed of owning.