Everyone desires to have a beautiful garden in front of his house or the backyard, however, not everyone has been able to achieve this desire and it sits on the bucket list of people. Visit UK.collected.reviews to see a variety of designs for your garden.

The major reasons that people give for not being able to actualize their desire to have a garden are that they do not want to get their hands dirty, they do not have time to plant and watch the crops grow, and lastly, they are scared that if they plant it, the crop will not grow.

If you are a professional gardener, you can work with gardening services to find gardening jobs and make money. Here are the five best gardening maintenance services available.

1.     Ed’s Garden Maintenance:

This business is the biggest gardening service in the whole of the UK. It has a wide range of clients that you can work with, in over 35 countries around the world. When you liaise with this company, you are in charge of your work time, you choose when you work and if you want to spend your time doing something else, it’s up to you. You decide how long you work and how much you earn. It takes about £15,000 to establish your business under them and you can get exposure, support, training, and clients. The staff of this company will also work as customer attendants for you.

2.     TruGreen:

TruGreen is known for its ability to change the look of any lawn through the professional services it provides. The brand had over 60 branches in the country and gardeners working with this company are specialists in different aspects of gardening like scarifying and raking, aerification, weeding, etc. The brand gives you vehicles that allow you to take your services to your customers, provides training and guidance programs, and allows you to apply for some qualifications. You can get all these by investing at least £8,400.

3.     Countrywide Grounds Maintenance:

According to its books, this company has generated over £26 million since it began operations in 1984. The company offers a wide range of services from wedding to the maintenance of sports fields. Investing your £250,000 gets you started with this company and gives you access to a three-week intensive training that involves both theory and practical teaching.

4.     Colourfence:

Colourfence provides quality fences as good as the traditional ones and their fence last up to 25 years without rotting, peeling or warping. These fences appeared in BBC’s Gardening website’s top 10 gardening products. These fences stand strong even in winds of up to 103mph. Signing up with this company costs about £55,000 in total and you will sell any of Colourfence’s products locally or commercially.

5.     Inleaf:

Inleaf does not offer core gardening services. It is known for the installation and maintenance of plants in offices, hotels, homes, etc. This means that it focuses more on flowers since its principal function is the beautification of spaces.

Proper gardening brings beauty to any space and even if you are a novice, you can get trained and make money from gardening by liaising with any of the companies mentioned above.