Not just applying the concept, minimalist home decor ideas for shades of a more natural residential need to be considered carefully from the beginning. This includes spatial planning, interiors, adding various kinds of plants to the house, and other decorating ideas. The existence of a minimalist home is not always related to the small size, but a simple concept and not put too much furniture. Sounds easy, but over time there may be goods that are even more piling up.

Do you want to apply minimalist home decor ideas for greener shades? Of course, the initiation must be done carefully from the beginning. Moreover, putting various kinds of plants into dwellings is not as easy as we think. Are you ready? If you find it difficult to apply the concept just now, then there’s no harm in listening to the 5 minimalist home decor ideas below in order to achieve the desired goal, which is natural. Check out the following way.

Nice terrace

It must be recognized that in fact, arranging the terrace is not an easy job. If you successfully apply a good arrangement, then the porch can create a spacious and green impression even though the size of the house is fairly small. Especially if you add a variety of plants. First, apply a few tricks such as the selection of decorations to furniture. Prioritize placing objects as needed such as chairs, tables, to the corner to put plants. Look at all the placement in detail so that your minimalist home can perform optimally.

Use Natural Furniture

The purpose of using natural furniture here is to prioritize natural materials, for example, wood. Apply to start from chairs, tables, shelves, and various other furniture. Buy or DIY make your own? Yes, everything depends on you. If you choose to buy furniture that is natural, then you can ask a craftsman who already has a qualified reputation. But if you want to apply the concept of DIY or make your own, pay attention to the right tutorial so the results can be as expected.

Dispose of Used Items

As explained before, the obstacle when faced with the concept of minimalism is the arrangement of goods. Over time, things in the house can pile up and make space even more cramped. Therefore, just throw away unused items. Unused items such as old newspapers, electronic devices that are not functioning, until the furniture is damaged, it is better to be discarded or sold flea so as not to accumulate. It can also be stored in a warehouse or overhauled again so that it can be used, so no need to buy new.

Maximize Ventilation

Referring to various home concepts, ventilation is an important element to create a balanced and healthy shelter. Air circulation needs to be made in and out smoothly and not get stuck in the room. Avoid stuffy houses due to a lack of ventilation! Since first building a house, discuss with the architect so that ventilation can be maximized from various angles. If this is realized, it is quite possible that your house will always feel fresh because the air can go in and out smoothly. Do not miss.

Choose the Right Plants

There are many plants that are suitable for supporting minimalist home decor ideas so that shades feel more natural. Boston ferns, yellow palm, aloe vera to bonsai, could be the right choice. Even so, you can determine everything based on personal taste.