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I am accomplished and dusted with BHG management selections. So very sorry that you have been let go Jason…its unspeakable….loved watching you on the programme. I was very unimpressed when the builder chap was brought in to to the detriment of the show 2 years ago.

“Home & Garden TV” with Angela Olmos from Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage Remote

I am really shocked absolutely your analysis showed he was one of the beloved! Jason was the one cause I watched Better Homes and Gardens. His segments have been at all times fascinating, not like Graham Ross who all he appears to do is stick issues in pots… keep Jason and retire Graham Ross please. Typical of the gutless wonders at channel 7. Charlie is more suited to Selling Houses Australia.

What are the programmers considering by dumping Jason? He is by far the most watchable on BH&G. He has a rapport I assume with the vast majority of viewers. With his personality he’ll in all probability be snapped up by another channel.

Jason, you are why I watch the show. Thanks for the years of fun and information. Big mistake, Jason is so all the way down to earth, always enjoy watching his segment. You may be very sorry Channel 7 decision makers.

As you can see from the opposite comments, Jason is one of the hottest characters on the present and he is the one we get pleasure from watching. He delivers his phase in a real, all the way down to earth Aussie way and in which the viewers can relate to. You can herald all the new blood you want, but people need Jason. I hope he will get snapped up by another channel and then you’ll know who viewers will comply with.