How to keep the garden clean is an important thing you know so that the appearance of the house is kept neat and beautiful. The garden is generally a place in the house that is very prone to getting dirty.Because in this location there are many plants and animals that roam.

Garden Clean

Therefore, if not maintained properly, the garden will look ugly and neglected. Garbage such as dry tree leaves and animal droppings can make your home ugly. If you feel confused about how to take care of it, what a coincidence, here! Because we already have 7 ways to keep the garden clean that is important to know. Come on, let’s just look at the following ways.

Cut Weeds

How to keep the garden clean that you must pay attention to is cutting the weeds that grow around the yard. Weeds can spoil the appearance of your beautiful yard. In addition, weeds can also be a place for pests to grow around the house.

Surely things like this do not want to happen in your favorite residence, right? You can do these tips every month or every 3 months depending on the situation and condition of the home garden.

Clean up the fallen dry leaves

Second there is cleaning the dry leaves that fall from the tree. Although sometimes it often irritates you because it has been cleaned often, you must do this activity regularly so that your home garden becomes more beautiful and neat. You can do these tips every day or every other day to keep the page looking tidy.

Water the Plants Regularly

Not only cleaning, you also need to take care of the plants by watering them every day or every 2 days.

The goal is that the plants you maintain do not die. Dead plants will certainly reduce the aesthetic appearance of your neatly arranged home page.

Cut Trees That Are Already Tall

Trees that have grown tall can pose a variety of dangerous risks. One of them is a fallen tree. This often happens when the rainy season comes. Therefore, you must cut trees that are already tall to prevent the tree from falling.

Eliminate Puddles

Puddles of water in the yard can make the appearance look dirty and dirty. You can remove standing water in the garden by patching it with soil or grass.

Prepare the Garden Trash

So that the process of cleaning the home page can run smoothly and quickly. You need to prepare a trash can in a separate part of the yard from the house trash can. This is to make it easier for you in the sorting process.

It is better to separate the non-organic and organic waste. You can also add a trash can for electronic waste to make it more environmentally friendly.

Fertilizing Dead Leaves

The last way to keep your garden clean is to fertilize dead or dry leaves. Later, the results of these tips can be useful as plant fertilizers that make your house plants fertile.