A Way to GardenMy first tip: if you are actually into organic gardening and having fun with fresh and truly wholesome produce, ONLY buy natural and heirloom seeds from sources you trust. If that sounds too good to be true, you probably haven’t heard of Lasagna Gardening Named for its technique of layering totally different materials within the garden bed, this methodology is the brainchild of Patricia Lanza, who was simply too busy to garden.

Doing this work in the fall means that, often, I’m doing what all gardeners do within the winter — thumbing via seed catalogs, cleaning my seed starting gear, ordering organic seed beginning mix (detect a theme?) and just usually on the point of…begin seeds!

In my earlier lives, I was garden editor at Newsday” newspaper (one of the nation’s largest dailies) after which for Martha Stewart, where I was the primary garden editor of Dwelling” and later EVP/Editorial Director of her magazines, books and internet.

Roach will be the keynote speaker at the Western Massachusetts Grasp Gardeners’ Affiliation spring symposium March 18: Unlocking Your Backyard’s Potential.” In her discuss, Unlocking Seed Secrets and techniques: From Politics to the Sensible,” Roach will reveal some shocking info about seeds and seed manufacturing.