Brighten up your decor, go for green and colorful plants and flowers to decorate your home and visit Harry and David to find the best selections.


Get in the season and go for flower bouquets and opt for Spring Color Tulips from Harry & David. Welcome your guests and make them feel the warmth feel of your new home decor. Spring Color Tulips in a glass vase and a raffia bow would look great in your kitchen.

Bring in your garden inside your home, go for a sophisticated look, and opt for a 4″ Vibrant Mini Rose Triple. A stylish container with pink, white, and yellow roses keep the warmth feel. Make sure it is near a light source, so it can continue blooming. Looks great placed on the center on your kitchen table.

Or go for a standout rustic take, and get 6″ Pink and White Mini Rose Duo. Pink and white roses in a rustic milk crate planter look great in your dinner table. These roses will grow about 6” tall.

Impress with your good sense of decor and opt for a Red Bromeliad. Bright scarlet flower bract and glossy green leaves placed in a planter will be a great visual your guests can appreciate it Great selection you can showcase in spring and summer seasons.

Living room

Complement your decor, go for a charming feel, and opt for a Pink Hydrangea. In this bouquet, the highlight are the green leaves overshadow the pink hydrangea.  Pink hydrangea in a ceramic planter looks great placed in your side table near your love seat sofas.

Add more life to your living room with a great scent of flowers and opt for a 6″ Everblooming Gardenia in a ceramic container with handles. Your guest will wonder what diffuser or aromatherapy you’re using, just point to the top of your industrial bookcase.

Or go for a fresh and flowery scent and opt for a Spring Garden Party. These beautiful mini roses, calla lilies and green ivy in a tin container will cheer up your decor.

Go for an original, elegant and exotic feel to your living room; opt Exotic Breeze Orchids.

These tropical beauties last a long time if placed in a good light area. Would look great next to your wall mirror.

Go for a colorful indoor tree, and opt for a Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree. Pre-planted in a slate ceramic container. Tree will continue growing, so you will want to shape and style to keep it looking great. Looks good placed near your industrial floor lamp.

Go for a unique, distinctive, and beautiful Pink Anthurium Plant. A good mix of colors and shapes help create an atmosphere of warmth. Goes great on top of your antique sliding door stackable cabinet.

Accent your home decor, go for a personal touch that’s unique, truly yours. Impress your guests with your new home decor and pick from a great selection of plants and flowers at Harry & David.