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What the hell has health and motoring got to do with properties and gardens. Unbelievable and judging by the feedback you obviously don’t take your viewers into consideration.

What [edited underneath Mumbrella’s comment moderation coverage] are Channel 7 letting Jason go. He was one very succesful landscape gardener, all the time cheerful and capable of demonstrate his knowledge simply to the viewing public.

They did the identical factor when they put in Adam as handyman. I suppose Rob received a textual content message to say he was dumped. We have always loved watching Jason and his beautiful canine.

Nature’s renewal brings comfort in troubled time

I’ve been watching this show for the whole of the 15years he’s been on there. Shame on you Better houses and gardens. I watched for the presenters and l nonetheless felt loyal to the present.l assume Jason being axed is the final straw.Look out Graham,Jo,Karen and Ed. I am so disgusted you have dropped Jason Hodges from BHG . I loved his segments and learnt so much from him.

Family Ties

Channel 7 and BHG you could have carried out Jason Hodges a favour. Onto larger and better issues Jason, you deserve better. One previous door closes and a better one will open for you. What total disappointment to see Jason depart the programme after so lengthy. Maybe the individuals up stairs ought to rethink and look again.

I at all times loved their segments and so they had been the primary purpose other than Dr Harry that I watched the present. Channel 7 you don’t have any understanding of your market if dropping Jason is considered a constructive move. The people behind BHG are not very shiny eliminating Jason as he’s the most effective person on the present I’m so irritated. Channel 7 pandering to trendy internal metropolis folks, and shunning their long term supporters. Watch out now for yoga, diets, well being resorts.