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Having access to so many lovely crops and decor from the garden center, has actually made it special to host an Event at CHG. All throughout our 5 acre property is actually beautified. Water options, statuary, lighting, vintage decor, and so much more! We simply finished building our new local weather managed Tropical Event Room in 2019.

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As the same old norm channel seven, you let the nice ones go, Jason was a really all the way down to earth individual, always enjoyed his part of the present, watched BHG from day one. The last few years it obtained boring, now Jason has gone no use watching it Boring. My family gained’t be watching anymore. We favored Jason very much as he was all the way down to earth. Very upset to see and listen to Jason is leaving BGH.

In 2005, she replaced Noni Hazlehurst as the first host of the lengthy-running life-style program Better Homes and Gardens. In addition, Jason is also a Big fan of Country Music and helps the Berry Magpies and North Sydney Bears Rugby groups.

I’m extremely disappointed that Jason has been sacked. After Rob Palmer was let go I only watched the present every so often. I don’t suppose I’ll bother anymore.

I at all times loved their segments and they were the primary cause aside from Dr Harry that I watched the show. Channel 7 you don’t have any understanding of your market if dropping Jason is considered a constructive transfer. The individuals behind BHG usually are not very brilliant getting rid of Jason as he is the best person on the show I’m so aggravated. Channel 7 pandering to fashionable inside city folks, and shunning their long run supporters. Watch out now for yoga, diets, health resorts.

Generally, these can be more luxurious and spacious houses than the extra frequent row houses. The yard area would also sometimes characteristic some type of backyard, trees or greenery. Generally, these can be properties in major cities, the place there is more wealth and therefore more luxurious houses. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden “villa” denotes most forms of single-household indifferent homes, regardless of measurement and commonplace. In the nineteenth century, villa was prolonged to explain any giant suburban home that was free-standing in a landscaped plot of floor.

I can’t believe channel 7 have removed Jason and Danii they have been the highlights of the present. Seven dumps Jason Hodges, to my great displeasure.

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I’ll be switching again to Gardening Australia now. To the executives who made this decision, disgrace on you. Never before have I seen such an in depth feed of comments in support of a brilliant but right down to earth Australian presenter!

WELL, I actually have been watching BHGfrom the start, with adjustments which were made over time, I’ve accepted, BUT, this one has has done it . Jason Hodges, is one of the best right down to earth aussie landscaper in within the southern hemisphere. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ….BHG. Sorry to say that this is the top for me. I will NEVER watch this show again . I doubt I’ll be watching the show in 2020 without Jason, good luck BHG.

I agree with so many different viewers that have watched this program over the past 15 years. Jason is an actual asset to this group. What a tragic day for the higher homes gardens staff and there viewers.