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After the fall of the Roman Republic, villas grew to become small farming compounds, which had been increasingly fortified in Late Antiquity, sometimes transferred to the Church for reuse as a monastery. Then they progressively re-developed by way of the Middle Ages into elegant higher-class country homes. In trendy parlance, “villa” can refer to varied sorts and sizes of residences, ranging from the suburban semi-detached double villa to residences in the wildland–city interface. So disappointing to see Jason’s segment to the present so brutually axed, he’s such an honest right down to earth bloke, silly choice and I am not watching this show anymore, it’s becoming too toff! The rest need to come back down a peg or two, except Dr Harry, he is a most caring man.

Watch every week and purchase journal, not anymore. Will be watching more Netflix now. He’s a natural at presenting and all the time made us snicker. I suppose channel 7 has made an incorrect choice.

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What are the programmers pondering by dumping Jason? He is by far the most watchable on BH&G. He has a rapport I assume with nearly all of viewers. With his persona he will in all probability be snapped up by another channel.

Now is the time to begin a veggie garden from seeds; right here’s how

I am appalled at the therapy of Jason by Chanel 7. To watch him on the last program of the year, a shattered man, disposed of in such a humiliating method was very upsetting. People should not be treated and disposed of like this. What a terrible determination, Jason is very watchable, humorous and attention-grabbing why you need to promote actuality tv people not those that have real skills I don’t perceive. The individuals who watch this show aren’t interested in actuality tv individuals.

I’ll be switching again to Gardening Australia now. To the executives who made this choice, shame on you. Never earlier than have I seen such an extensive feed of comments in assist of a superb yet all the way down to earth Australian presenter!