Is your garden boring? To create more color and make your garden vibrant, you must fill the borders with the right plants. We will guide you through your search for the perfect plants with this article. 


Hydrangeas are the perfect plants to create a vibrant and colorful garden with. These plants grow very well on all sorts of soil and require little care. These flowers are available in a wide range of colors, such as the popular purple and pink, but also in white, red, or even blue. Hydrangeas give your garden an elegant look and are true eye-catchers when placed on the driveway, as they grow big and create beautiful bushes of perky flowers. Hydrangeas only require to be clipped once a year in order to maintain the shape of the bush. If they are not clipped, they will grow high, wild, and lose their perfect shape. The hydrangea might also create fewer flowers, if not maintained correctly. 


Lavender brings lots of color to the garden and makes you feel like you’re in the French Provence. The amazing smell attracts lots of insects to your garden, such as butterflies and bees. These insects stimulate the growth of other plants around it, as they pollinate flowers, fruit trees, and other plants. Caring for lavender is surprisingly easy. If you would like your lavender plant to grow big and strong, it is wise to cut it off twice a year. In winter, you might want to cut off the flowers and thick, woody stems, until approximately 2 centimeters from the ground. In spring, you may cut off the flowers, which you can use to make tea, and cakes, or even to make soap or natural fragrance sachets. 


Lastly, your lawn can have a big impact on the overall look of your garden. Maintaining your lawn with lawn feed is very important to create a green and vibrant garden. Would you like to find out how to sow grass seed in the best way? Ask your local gardener or do some research online. Knowing how to maintain your lawn is utterly important to keep your garden looking fresh and nurtured all year round. Besides treating your lawn with lawn feed, it is important to cut and scarify it regularly. Keep your lawn free of weeds and any other natural debris such as leaves and branches, to keep it free of dead spots and fungus.