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As for motoring in a better properties and gardening show properly i won’t be watching that segment if anything. Channel 7 you’re going from dangerous to worse. Firstly you axe Creek to Coast and now you axe the star of Better Homes and gardens “Jason Hodges”. We are sick and uninterested in actuality crap and like entertaining and informative programs. Reinstate Jason Hodges or I is not going to watch Better Homes and Gardens once more.

Cannot believe that Jason has been dumped. He is the best part of Better Homes and Gardens. He is probably the most real and entertaining of them all. I have just watched my last Better Homes and Gardens show .Like many other people I usely record it so I can skip over the boring bits .Without Jason Iwont trouble any more.

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While this marked the end of the US journal, a British version continues to be published. “[The Channel Seven executives are] attempting to draw a youthful audience that doesn’t exist [as a result of] your common 25-yr-previous doesn’t watch Better Homes and Gardens,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine was founded in 1922 by Edwin Meredith. Edwin Meredith was the United States Secretary of Agriculture under the Wilson Administration. The journal was originally referred to as Fruit, Garden, and Home, but the title was modified to Better Homes and Gardens in 1925. There are twelve issues published per yr, normally released on a month-to-month foundation.

His attitude suggests he isn’t above anybody, very very likeable bloke. BHG from our household to yours, goodbye. We loved jason on bhg he was humorous and an every single day individual, will miss him greatly and undecided if we’ll watch this system now. His passion for the lawns we could relate with, miss you jason.

Very disappointing that Jason is going from BHG. I at all times felt that he was the glue that held the show together together with his charismatic, friendly, nice concepts and initiatives that have been able to be accomplished by you and me. Oh nicely, i had better search for one thing else to look at now as a result of the show won’t be the same now. Apart from Jo, Jason was one of the best factor on BHG.

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Guess you’ll have to vary the title of the present as you’ll not be “higher”. Well, it was good while it lasted, I’ll simply have to seek out something else to look at on Friday nights.

I am so sad to see Jason let go he’s truely a gentleman and an all rounder . I even have love watching his phase each week and don’t assume anyone will be able to fill his shoes. Won’t be watching again, he was the only one I enjoyed.