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I am appalled at 7 letting go of Jason Hodges. His segments on Better Homes and Gardens have been very informative and good to look at. Good luck Jason in your future ventures. I find the sacking of Jason , is actually unhealthy and getting that man Charlie might be the worse idea , let him stay with Selling homes along with his English buddy.

You have lost both my spouse and myself as viewers. Gutted that Jason is leaving BH&G.

Why would you do away with one of the in style characters of the present? It seems typical of the best way the TV stations are going today. Bringing in new blood and then they marvel why the rankings for the show have slumped! Gardening is a really exhausting section to maintain viewers entertained, but Jason definitely stored us entertained and we needed to watch extra of him. He is down to earth, a real Aussie exhibiting his viewers useful tips and how to get pleasure from gardening.

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I am undecided motoring and know-how matches properly underneath the banner of “Better Homes and Gardens”. I like BHG however you keep placing the nice ones off the present it’s really not price watching anymore. Maybe it’s time the whole present was axed. I love Jason and all his work on this system. This is unquestionably the wrong decision.

What a pleasant particular person and very right down to earth he’s. It is very disappointing that this arbitrary determination has forged a shadow of gloom over a excessive point in my week, and Friday nights won’t ever be the same. So disappointing that Jason has been axed from BUG tv show. Along with Joanna he was the twilight. Our family will not be watching in 2020, shame that this has happened.

What an enormous mistake letting them go. Loved watching his segment on the show. Real right down to earth bloke who loves his dog Danni.Watch your scores fall, hold your head in disgrace. Do not worry Jason, you will not be forgotten by viewers. I reckon other Garden reveals must be looking to rent you Jason.

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Very dissatisfied to see Jason go he makes me laugh every episode. He has always been an excellent asset to the present and it gained’t be the identical now. If its such a successful format why change it. Very disappointed within the determination.