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What are you thinking to drop Jason from bhg I definitely won’t watch it again he made this present together with his little dog Danni. So dissatisfied you dropped Jason he and Danny had been primarily why we watched BHG. He made the present down to earth with his blokey methods and wit and introduced a sense of continuity and leisure to the present. BHG is a far cry from the rubbish reality TV on provide but I have a feeling it’s going down that road. You will lose many viewers if so as the age group that watches BHG is an older age group that isn’t thinking about sensational actuality TV.

Extremely disenchanted concerning the decision to move on with Charlie!!! Just guttered to be honest and assume I will now transfer over to the Living Room. I even have watched BHG for sooo very many years and also purchased the magazines too……. Our family received’t be watching your show any more. Jason was a brilliant and bubbly all the way down to earth with nice ideas.

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What a giant mistake letting them go. Loved watching his phase on the show. Real down to earth bloke who loves his canine Danni.Watch your rankings fall, hold your head in shame. Do not worry Jason, you’ll not be forgotten by viewers. I reckon other Garden shows ought to be trying to rent you Jason.

Cannot consider that Jason has been dumped. He is the best part of Better Homes and Gardens. He is probably the most real and entertaining of all of them. I have just watched my final Better Homes and Gardens show .Like many other folks I usely document it so I can skip over the boring bits .Without Jason Iwont bother any extra.

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He even made mowing lawns fascinating! I hope he gets snapped up by another channel as I know there are many viewers who will surely change channels to watch him.

I don’t suppose the present would be the same, without him. I assume Channel 7 have made a big mistake. Will not be watching BHG and pondering of stopping my subscription to the magazine. As some commented do the 7 govt watch their very own exhibits.

After the autumn of the Roman Republic, villas grew to become small farming compounds, which were increasingly fortified in Late Antiquity, typically transferred to the Church for reuse as a monastery. Then they gradually re-developed through the Middle Ages into elegant higher-class country properties. In fashionable parlance, “villa” can refer to varied types and sizes of residences, ranging from the suburban semi-indifferent double villa to residences within the wildland–urban interface. So disappointing to see Jason’s section to the show so brutually axed, he is such an honest right down to earth bloke, silly choice and I am not watching this show anymore, it is turning into too toff! The relaxation need to return down a peg or two, besides Dr Harry, he is a most caring man.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Stephen Or. The Publisher is Meredith Corporation for the United States. For Australia, the Publisher is Pacific Magazines. Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth best-selling magazine within the United States.

I’ll be switching again to Gardening Australia now. To the executives who made this determination, disgrace on you. Never before have I seen such an intensive feed of feedback in help of a superb yet all the way down to earth Australian presenter!

Get rid of fowl who makes things out of paper & stuff (I at all times mute her) or retire Graham. Jason is the all round Aussie along with his trustworthy companion. Who is definitely working the program?