Replacing your driveway is a large expense and a big inconvenience. It doesn’t help that there are so many options with varying advantages. When choosing a driveway, it is important to decide which factors are most important to you. Here are the main factors and how each driveway material measures up.


As with any large project, your budget must be taken into consideration. Asphalt and concrete are the most popular driveway materials because they look the best with the smallest investment. The total costs vary greatly depending on where you live, the length and width of your driveway, and any custom modifications.

If you like the look and cost of concrete, then be sure to choose a professional concrete driveway contractor Lexington SC. Concrete can be tricky to install correctly. For homeowners willing to make more of an investment, pavers are a great choice. A well-constructed driveway made of interlocking pavers requires little maintenance and will add significant value to your home.


Certain driveway materials hold up better in warm or cold climates. Asphalt will get soft in the sun, so it’s not the best choice if you live in a place that has excessive heat. Grass driveways need regular watering and would likely die every summer.

A gravel driveway can’t be plowed or easily shoveled, so it may not be the best option for a place that receives a lot of snow. Plowing an expensive brick paver driveway may result in chips and cracks. Homeowners who love the look of pavers, but live in a cold climate, should consider installing a heated driveway.


Don’t feel limited to the cheapest option if your driveway is as long as a street. Consider mixing materials instead. For example, you could install an asphalt driveway for the majority of the way, then transition to another material when you get close to the house. Use a gate or a grouping of trees to mark the transition.