When a severe storm comes through your area, you will need to access and repair the damage done to your property as soon as you can. There are several protocols you should follow to do this to keep yourself and others safe. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Gather Protective Materials

When you start your clean up, order a dumpster for debris removal tallassee. Where you are working and the materials you are working with determine the other supplies you will need. For almost all situations, you should have a thick, quality pair of gloves, a respirator, and protective eye covering. If you are in an area with fallen trees or structures that are unstable, you will want to wear a hard hat. If your location has been flooded, you need to have waterproof boots on at all times. All your other accessories should be resistant to moisture also. Purchase cleaning products such as spray bottles, bleach, disinfectant, and towels as well as bring along any tools that might make the job easier.

Take Care Of Yourself and Others

As you proceed with the clean-up, do as much as you are physically able. Pushing too far will lead you to injury as well as put those around you in danger. Handle equipment that you have knowledge of. If you are in need of a machine but are unaware of how to use it, ask around until you find someone who can operate it for you. Drink as much water and encourage those you are with to do so as well. Schedule time to rest several times during the day so you prevent over exhaustion. Work while it is light out but, if you can, go inside during the hottest part of the day to protect yourself from the heat. Before you enter any buildings, have an inspector look it over to ensure that it is safe to go inside.