Whether an individual is running a business, a hospital, a school, or another setting involving technology and electricity, he might be interested in knowing what the overhead power outlets are and how to install them. The overhead electrical outlets, also known as drop down power outlets, hang from a ceiling. Installing the ceiling-hung electrical outlets in a setting can eliminate the possibility of tripping over extension cords snaking all over the floor. This article explains the procedure for installing an overhead electrical outlet in a drop ceiling.

Tools for Overhead Electrical Outlets Installation 

Here listed are the tools required for installing the drop down power outlets in a drop ceiling:

  • A drill, hammer, and electrical staples
  • Electrical wiring and connectors
  • A wire cutter and masking tape
  • An electrical box
  • A cord receptacle

Steps to Follow for Installing an Overhead Electrical Outlet in a Drop Ceiling

Turn the Power off

The first step for safety is to turn off the power in the building by turning off the main switch that controls the entire electric circuit.

Drill a Hole in the Drop Ceiling

Next, a technician must drill a hole into the drop ceiling where the outlet is to be installed. This step will let one feed the electrical wire into the attic and connect it to the nearest outlet. Make sure to use electrical staples to organize the electrical wiring inserted above the drop ceiling to prevent any damage to the wire.

Measure the Hole that is to be Cut

Once the electrical wiring has been organized, next, measure the hole that is to be cut into the ceiling. A technician can do this by putting the electrical box on the ceiling and tracing around it.

Cut the Hole in the Drop Ceiling

After measuring the hole, cut it and make sure not to cut a hole under any support beams or joists as it can prevent the outlet from fitting in the ceiling.

Connect the Receptacle with the Electrical Wiring

Once the hole is cut, insert the electrical box into the ceiling and use a drill to screw it into place. Next, the technician needs to connect the receptacle to the electrical wiring.

First, the red/hot wire is to be stripped from the electrical wiring and screwed by using the gold screws. Then, the black/cold wire will be stripped and screwed using silver screws. Finally, the earth wire is to be stripped and connected with the lone screw on the side of the receptacle.

Put the Outlet Cover on

Lastly, take the outlet cover and put it on the installed overhead electrical outlet to give the ceiling a neat look.


Putting the drop down power outlets in a drop ceiling is quite a complicated task when undertaken without professional help. An experienced technician will ensure that the electrical box, receptacle, and outlet cover work together to install the overhead electrical outlet efficiently. Once the entire procedure is completed, the building will have a neat-looking drop-down electrical outlet suspended from the ceiling.