Hood vents over restaurant stoves draw smoke and grease out of interior air. Both of these substances then build up on vents, fans and other internal stove hood components. Restaurant staff should do daily upkeep, but inspections, maintenance and repairs are better left to licensed experts at stove hoods for restaurant supplies Bronx NY. Learn more about keeping a stove hood in working order.

Do Daily Cleaning and Basic Maintenance

On a daily basis, restaurant staff should clean off the stove hood exterior with liquid degreaser diluted in water and wipe off the surface with a damp, clean towel. The type of food production that takes place may affect the frequency with which interior hood vent components require cleaning.

A thorough stove hood cleaning involves removing grease traps and filters and cleaning both components with a mix of degreaser and warm water. A hood vent cleaning service can eliminate residual buildup and ensure components are in good condition. Over time, it may be necessary to replace broken or faulty vent parts.

Schedule Regular Professional Inspections

Fire safety experts recommend scheduling restaurant hood vent inspections every six months. A licensed fire protection company will check each component of the ventilation system and fire suppression equipment. A service dedicated to stove hoods for restaurant supplies Bronx NY can replace fire suppression or ventilation parts to enable a restaurant to keep a permit.

A dirty or malfunctioning stove hood can diminish restaurant air quality. When stoves and other hot line appliances are used in a kitchen without proper ventilation, the grease and smoke particles produced during the cooking process will become airborne or settle on kitchen surfaces. In addition to regular maintenance, restaurant owners should contact a service specializing in stove hoods for restaurant supplies Bronx NY for hood vent inspection and testing.