What makes a bedroom truly yours, and not one you share with a roommate or a sibling, is the ability to completely control the space. You can put up posters and pictures, and all the personal artefacts that make it truly your space. However, you need to remember that having power over a space is not only about controlling what goes in and out of the room. It is also about having a say in how these things are displayed. The general curation of the room is also a form of having power over the space.

The difficulty with curating your space is that everything pre-fabricated and mass produced is created with one kind of organisation or style in mind. It won’t take into account how you want to hide items either to protect them or to forget about them. It won’t take into account what kind of items you want to show off and the best way to show them off. These things are not variables in the general market, but places like https://www.myfittedbedroom.com do take into account your custom touches.

Repaint your walls with your colour

The simplest way to customise your bedroom is to change the colour scheme. Even if you had a say about the wall colours, taste matures over time. It is also a good way to integrate more ways to brighten or darken up the space as much as you want. After living in it, are there qualities of the room you want to highlight? If you enjoy the morning sunrise, perhaps having a white or yellow accent wall on the area that gets hit by the sun first might be a customisation you want to pursue.

Play around with the colours and patterns that best relax or invigorate you depending on your personality and lifestyle.

Customise your storage

Having customised storage is important in tying your room together. It is where form meets function. You don’t have to make estimates about what fits the space best and you don’t have to rely on furniture that doesn’t conform to your lifestyle.

Play around with textures and sizes to get the most out of quality fitted furniture.

Install a sound system

The last, but not the least might seem like a stretch, but having your own sound system adds a personal touch. Instead of blasting your tunes from your PC or having a bulky headset on, don’t be afraid to play your music out loud. Having speakers and fixing the acoustics in the room is one investment you might want to make.

Owning a room and commanding the space is all about creating physical forms for your personality to manifest. Say goodbye to catalogue-like rooms and say hello to your personal sanctuary.

Image: Pixabay.com