If you are planning to entertain guests in your home on a frequent basis, you might consider putting a bar in your family room or other places where they would gather. This accessory can be a place where they are able to gather while you mix their drinks and chat with them. Here are the steps to setting this up.

Select a Bar

There are several options you can consider when deciding what type of bar you want. You can go with the full wet bar complete with wooden bar chairs spearfish sd for your guests to sit on. You can choose a cart that allows you to push your bottles of liquor and the equipment that you will need from one room to another. This works great if you are entertaining outside and want to take it with you. If you are just starting out, you can opt for a tray that can sit on a cabinet, counter or shelf.

Purchase Your Tools

Once you have your physical bar established, you need to stock it with the tools you will use as you make drinks. Have a source of ice on hand whether it is an ice maker or a bag in your freezer. Collect glassware to serve your final product in, corkscrews to open bottles with, knives, fruit presses and other accessories. If you are new at making cocktails, get a recipe book that can direct you how to do so. Buy a blender if you plan to make frozen drinks so it can crush the ice for you.


When your bar is set up with what you should have on hand to start, you can purchase the liquor to make the drinks. Start with the basics like whiskey, vodka, both light and dark rum, gin and tequila. Add on a few essential mix-ins like soda water and simple syrup. Once you have practiced a few drinks, you will understand what else you must have to make the beverages your guests will want.