A Way to GardenMargaret’s weekly public-radio present, from Robin Hood Radio in Sharon, CT, the smallest NPR station within the nation. Garden provide stores are now carrying several mycorrhizae merchandise that will make your backyard vegetation thrive, dramatically bettering root energy, water and nutrient transport into the plant, and higher competitiveness against weeds.

What’s extra, for every store-bought bag of dried beans, legumes, or seeds that passed through our kitchen, we had been testing the bounds of its reproductive means, discovering out if we might grow it. It wasn’t precisely a free backyard we were producing—we did have to purchase groceries—but we had been undoubtedly taking advantage of our economically acquired harvests.

Several hardy, educated gardeners share their advice on gardening in the chilly zone.” Discover sources for cold local weather gardening, together with floating row covers and adapted seeds and find loads of advice on the hardiest varieties in your garden.

I think I just like the submit as a result of I wrote it shortly after I moved up right here, after I was just starting to give you a brand new story of my life, a technique to describe it with out the trappings of the corporate-executive life I had so long lived: with no job title after my title, or business cards, or anyone to inform me what to do subsequent.

In the event you plan it right, you can enjoy a good looking garden filled with the fruits of your labor, without having to spend hours and hours tending it. Planting a backyard that includes vegetables and flowers means you have mixed pure companions, and that can flip a potential eyesore into a beautiful landscape feature.