When we don’t get enough or poor quality sleep, the whole day goes for a toss. It can cause neck and backache and even hamper productivity. Sometimes poor sleep even causes severe headaches. If you have been twisting and turning in your bed too much, maybe it is time to consider changing the mattress. When the mattress offers you with utmost comfort, it becomes easier to fall asleep. To help improve your sleep, Queensway Mattress also offers Galaxy Mattress. It is one of the most reliable brands that have established its reputation for producing high-quality mattresses. These mattresses will provide you extra support and comfort, which will promote good quality sleep. Galaxy specializes in producing memory foam and latex mattresses. Some of their most popular mattress options that you can consider are as follows.

Dawn Mattress

The Dawn mattress provides medium level comfort and has a 6-inch high dense foam. This dense foam provides you with the extra support that you require while sleeping. As it is a foam, it also takes the shape of the contour of your body. The mattress has a soft quilted cover.

Perfect Rest Mattress

Perfect Rest Mattress is a euro-top mattress. The mattress is made by putting together 416 Canadian made Bonnell coil and edge guards which will provide you with optimal support while you sleep. It also has a 1-inch optimal foam, 1 and a half-inch high-density foam and 2-inch high soft foam. The mattress is about 10 inches in height. As it has different types of foams, it provides a plush level of comfort. The material used for quilting mattresses is infused with bamboo, Galaxy mattresses provide a 5-year warranty on the Perfect Rest Mattresses.

Winston Memory Foam Mattress

With the Breezy Cool Gel memory foam, the Winston Memory Foam Mattress has a unique combination of the finest properties of softness and resilience. These qualities help to maintain the ideal body temperature while you are sleeping. For extra support, balance and flexibility the mattress has been given an open bio-foam. It provides medium-firm comfort and is about 5 inches in height.

Uptown Memory Foam Mattress

Uptown Mattress is made of a memory foam called Breezy Cool Gel Memory foam. This is a special kind of memory foam that has combined the finest properties of softness and resilience. These properties enable you to remain cool while you sleep. To improve support and flexibility, an open-cell bio-foam approach is used. The Uptown Memory Foam Mattress is about 10 inches high and has a warranty of around 10 years.

Speak to the experts

When buying a mattress, there is no one shoe fits all approach. The one that you need to buy should be a perfect fit for you and fulfil all your sleep requirements. Sometimes it can be daunting to figure it all out in one go. Here is when you should speak to the experts. The mattress experts at Queensway Mattress will help to evaluate your need. Based on that, they will guide you to make the right decision.