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Why I ask that you have to change one thing that has been working nicely for this lengthy? This present shall be shedding the entire concept of what it is recognized for.

Going to observe The Living Room any more. “well being and health and motoring”? we don’t watch the show or subscribe to the mag to get that type of data, there are different platforms for that. Jason had an ideal spot within the present and I’m sorry BHG however you’ve made an enormous mistake changing one thing that wasn’t broke. So dissatisfied that Jason and Danny have been dropped from BHG.

What are the programmers thinking by dumping Jason? He is by far essentially the most watchable on BH&G. He has a rapport I assume with the majority of viewers. With his personality he’ll probably be snapped up by some other channel.

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Why on earth would you remove him and replace him with someone who we don’t know. He, along with Tara and Adam have carried out some unimaginable renovations and backyard designs. bhg.com.au (Australia)ISSN Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth best promoting journal within the United States. The editor in chief is Stephen Orr.

What a huge mistake letting Jason go. I shall be cancelling by subscription and will not be watching. Jason purchased a lot humour and delight to BHAG. Wish Jason all one of the best in no matter you do and hope to see you on television again quickly.

Jason, you’re why I watch the show. Thanks for the years of fun and data. Big mistake, Jason is so down to earth, at all times take pleasure in watching his segment. You may be very sorry Channel 7 determination makers.

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The lady who performs round instructing us to make crap must be in a kindergarten. The mansions Johanna and her offsider present each week are of no interest. The present used to show us residence and garden concepts which we loved. What a disgrace to eliminate somebody who evokes you to do things round the home.

We wont be watching the present anymore. Charlie is no where pretty much as good as Jason. So sad to see that Jason has been dumped from BH&G. I even have been watching present from inception and have loved and also tried out lots of what Jason has brought to the present. We will miss his humor as well as Danny.

There are others who fake to work, but don’t. Jason was not afraid to soiled his palms. So from me it’s a unhappy good bye Janson. We have now made the decision to cease watching this present.