Light is transformative. Bringing light into a dark space can make it seem larger and more open. Changing the lighting on your selfie can completely change the way you look. The power of light and lighting is truly remarkable. It is well worth paying attention to where and how you light your home, as it can really change the way you see your home.

Natural Light

The best light is natural light, but it’s also the hardest to come by and comes with its own complications. If your home is flooded with light in the morning, it may not have much by the afternoon. Too much natural light can be a curse for AC bills, especially in the summer. Maximize the natural light you have, and control it with curtains and venetian or cellular shades Boston or your area.

Lamps and Fixtures

Where natural light fails, artificial light fills in. There are countless options, from overhead lights that may be recessed or free hanging, to artful table lamps and useful floor lamps. Mix things up in your home with different styles and soften harsh bulbs with countless varieties of shades.

Light Bulbs

You may not think much about the bulbs that go into your fixtures but they can make a huge difference on the quality of light in your home as well as your electricity bills. LED and other high-efficiency, long lasting light bulbs have become better and now come in countless hues and brightness levels. You can even get lightbulbs that are programmable and change color to help with circadian rhythms and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

When you’re decorating a new home or looking to refresh an old home, pay attention to how light functions in the space. How you illuminate your home can completely change the way your home looks.