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I am done and dusted with BHG management decisions. So very sorry that you’ve got been let go Jason…its unspeakable….loved watching you on the programme. I was very unimpressed when the builder chap was brought in to to the detriment of the show 2 years ago.

The first actively copyright-renewed concern is February 1925 (v. 47 no. 2), © January 28, 1925. The first actively copyright-renewed contribution is from August 1940. (More details) The journal was renamed to “HG” in 1988, and ceased publication for the primary time in 1993. A 1996 revival lasted until 2007, when Conde Nast announced that the December concern would be the magazine’s final.

Channel 7 and BHG you could have done Jason Hodges a favour. Onto greater and better issues Jason, you deserve higher. One previous door closes and a better one will open for you. What complete disappointment to see Jason go away the programme after so long. Maybe the individuals up stairs should rethink and look again.

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Channel 7 you have made an enormous mistake sacking Jason the way you probably did a few days earlier than Christmas. Maybe you need to give him his personal show.

I am appalled at the treatment of Jason by Chanel 7. To watch him on the last program of the 12 months, a shattered man, disposed of in such a humiliating method was very upsetting. People shouldn’t be handled and disposed of like this. What a terrible choice, Jason is very watchable, humorous and fascinating why you need to promote actuality television people not those that have real skills I don’t perceive. The individuals who watch this show aren’t excited about reality television people.

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How quick sighted of you he was a natural and I and others in this household seemed ahead to his segments every week. You gave made an enormous mistake and you’ll lose viewers because of your determination. I for one won’t be pleased to look at the show again and urge others to join me in a protest to poor programming.

I am really shocked absolutely your research confirmed he was one of the liked! Jason was the one purpose I watched Better Homes and Gardens. His segments have been always fascinating, not like Graham Ross who all he seems to do is stick things in pots… hold Jason and retire Graham Ross please. Typical of the gutless wonders at channel 7. Charlie is extra suited to Selling Houses Australia.

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