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I am really shocked absolutely your research confirmed he was one of the most loved! Jason was the one cause I watched Better Homes and Gardens. His segments had been all the time attention-grabbing, in contrast to Graham Ross who all he seems to do is stick things in pots… hold Jason and retire Graham Ross please. Typical of the gutless wonders at channel 7. Charlie is more suited to Selling Houses Australia.

Very disappointed to see Jason go he makes me snicker each episode. He has at all times been a fantastic asset to the show and it gained’t be the same now. If its such a winning format why change it. Very dissatisfied in the decision.

I am appalled at the treatment of Jason by Chanel 7. To watch him on the last program of the 12 months, a shattered man, disposed of in such a humiliating manner was very upsetting. People shouldn’t be treated and disposed of like this. What a horrible determination, Jason could be very watchable, humorous and interesting why you have to promote reality television folks not those that have actual qualifications I don’t understand. The individuals who watch this present aren’t interested in reality tv individuals.

There are others who fake to work, but don’t. Jason was not afraid to soiled his arms. So from me it is a unhappy good bye Janson. We have now made the decision to stop watching this show.

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I agree with so many different viewers that have watched this program over the last 15 years. Jason is a real asset to this staff. What a sad day for the better homes gardens group and there viewers.

If you’re too good at what you do you’ll be out in your ear as nicely. I can only hope another station will realise what an incredible asset Jason could be & he sticks it proper up channel 7. The wonderful work and dedication of Jason Hodges should quantity to nothing within the eyes of the powers to be. We have been devastated on watching the announcement by a teary Jo, with Jason beside her.

Time for me to move on also, I am uninterested in the others doing the identical old stuff all the time , must be one thing better to look at on a friday evening. Noddy the total of himself chef and the idiot antivaxer they have placed on turn me off, now Jason has gone not price watching.

what do those should do with adorning, renovating and gardening. I don’t even watch House of Wellness or Top Gear. You showed no loyalties to Jason after 15 years, so I not be watching BHG next year.

Best of luck Jason, you’ll be snapped up by someone better. Better Holmes and Gardens gained’t be the identical without Jason. My Husband and I love watching Jason, as we love his humorousness. It’s unhappy to listen to that Better Homes & Gardens are changing their format to include well being, fitness & motoring. It was refreshing to look at a program that didn’t push this in your face.

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In 1990, he began his business called Green Art Gardens and he is professional in Landscape Design and execution of the final idea. She became a host for the critically acclaimed Better Homes & Gardens in 2006 and became a well known figure in the house design world.