Many people are very concerned about the arrangement and placement of furniture in the outdoor living room. Because the living room is a reflection of the personality of the home owner. If you have a large enough space or area outside your home, it is a distinct advantage. Not only indoors, an outdoor living room can be an option. Besides being unique, the outdoor living room becomes a beautiful porch of a house. The following is an inspiration for an outdoor living room on the terrace:


Minimalist living room with a beautiful atmosphere

Utilizing the empty space on the front porch as a living room without permanent partitions or walls will certainly give a distinct impression to your minimalist home design. Also pay attention to the direction of view from the terrace area of your house, it will be cooler if the house is opposite from the direction of the rising sun. Place long mattress sofas, puffs and minimalist wooden tables to complement the living room more optimally. Decorate a variety of easy maintenance plants that make the room cozier to welcome guests.

Beautiful outdoor living room with yellow tones

A house with pastel color paint makes the terrace look softer and gets beautiful lighting. You can use it as an outdoor living room with a small area. Choose a space-saving sofa with bright yellow accents that can make the living room terrace look more cheerful and a focal point. Guests will feel more comfortable and the atmosphere will be more relaxed with the addition of sofa cushions.

Industrial style outdoor living room

Industrial-style home designs are always seen using exposed mental elements, a combination of black and monochrome colors and applying the concept of open space. You can use this space as a place to relax and chat with friends or relatives, by placing a long sofa made of soft foam seats and a wooden coffee table with an iron frame which is characteristic of the Industrial style.

Typical traditional outdoor living room

Traditional houses can also adopt an outdoor living room. Red bricks or rocks are applied to the side walls which seem unfinished together with wooden chairs or rattan chairs that you often find in village or village houses and an iron-framed coffee table that is more space-saving and modern.