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I will miss you Jason I never miss BHG and have all the time enjoyed your segments. Start your own present and she or he them up.

We have watched BHG since we migrated to Australia 10 years ago from Wales and completely loved his segment. We love gardening and he was a real help with gardening tips and inexpensive solutions for our schooling of Australian situations.

I am really shocked certainly your research confirmed he was one of the liked! Jason was the one cause I watched Better Homes and Gardens. His segments had been always attention-grabbing, unlike Graham Ross who all he seems to do is stick things in pots… maintain Jason and retire Graham Ross please. Typical of the gutless wonders at channel 7. Charlie is extra suited to Selling Houses Australia.

I can’t imagine channel 7 have removed Jason and Danii they had been the highlights of the present. Seven dumps Jason Hodges, to my great displeasure.

A home differs from a villa in that a home doesn’t include the rich amenities that a villa consists of. Homeownership choices can differ tremendously.

Garden Recipe: Early-to Mid-Winter Dippity Do

I am so sad to see Jason let go he’s truely a gentleman and an all rounder . I have love watching his segment every week and don’t suppose anyone will have the ability to fill his footwear. Won’t be watching again, he was the only one I loved.

Channel 7 and BHG you have done Jason Hodges a favour. Onto bigger and better issues Jason, you deserve higher. One old door closes and a greater one will open for you. What total disappointment to see Jason depart the programme after so long. Maybe the people up stairs ought to rethink and look again.

The term does not apply to any specific architectural type or size, the only options that distinguish a Khmer villa from one other constructing are the yard house and being fully detached. The phrases “twin-villa” and “mini-villa” have been coined meaning semi-detached and smaller versions respectively.