Harsh weather can have a destructive effect on your home’s driveway. From cracks to holes, the hot summers and cold winters can result in pavement problems. If you are getting ready to install a new driveway, here are some reasons you should choose one made of asphalt.

1. The Looks

Many people find the look of asphalt and concrete on separate sides of the spectrum. While concrete has an industrialized characteristic and look, asphalt can be colored and finished to give it an appealing appearance. You can also choose coatings and mineral aggregates to add to the surface of your driveway to make it slip-resistant. In other words, you can personalize the look of asphalt – it doesn’t have to be black and shiny.

2. The Cost

Most homeowners rely on their budget to determine the material they can use to construct a driveway. That is why families with a limited budget turn to the inexpensive asphalt over the expensive concrete. Check with your local driveway installation Rock Hill SC company with any questions you have.

3. The Maintenance

The asphalt driveway maintenance and repair costs are much less than concrete. That is because the blacktop only needs a coating or repaving when the entire driveway needs to be repaired. Rather than remove the whole structure as happens with cement, a thin layer is applied that melds to the existing surface. Also, if small holes or crack appear, the repair is quick and easy, and the only specific maintenance required to seal the surface as needed. With proper upkeep, the driveway can last 30 years or more.

Before you decide on a type of driveway replacement or installation, make sure you check all the facts about appearance, cost, and maintenance. You may be surprised at how much money you can save with an asphalt driveway.