It is a new year, and time for some changes around the house. However, for once, why not think outside the house? More specifically, why not rethink the design of your rooftop patio? 

So how can you approach this plan? Let us find out.

Overhaul the Flooring

Changing the entire flooring of your rooftop is a mammoth undertaking. So ditch that idea. Instead, opt for a floor coating. Floor coatings can not only make the floors look new and appealing, but they also serve functional purposes. Anti-slip floor paints, for instance, are slip-resistant. These paints add more texture to the surface. That in turn ensures maximum grip and safety. 

For your rooftop, you can opt for balcony coatings. They will protect the floor from harsh weather and environmental conditions. So even in extreme heat or heavy rain and snow, the floor will not wear out or develop cracks.

In case the floor or patio platform is not concrete but wooden, use wooden floor oils, varnishes and waxes. Not only will they give the surfaces a smooth and fine look, but will also protect them from any sort of damage for years to come. 

Turn It into a Secluded Garden Retreat

Your rooftop patio should feel like a home away from home. With COVID raging havoc for most of 2020 and 2021, you need to have a place of your own where you can relax and spend some alone time. And it should not be inside your house, because that is where you will have to stay should there be another strong wave of COVID. 

So turn your rooftop patio into a secluded garden retreat. Add different types of plants and flowers, and make the place look more calm and beautiful. It can be your personal garden of sorts with a seating arrangement. You should be able to observe the greenery around the patio as you sip a cup of warm tea sitting on your wicker or cane patio chair.

Bring Out the Curves

Most rooftops are square or rectangular. They have noticeable angles and plain boundaries. What that does is make the space look confined, somewhat restricted. And unless you do something about it, the environment in and around the patio will not feel homely. 

So what you can do is bring out the curves around your rooftop patio. To do that, you can simply rearrange the plants to hide the roof boundary and edges. Arrange them in a circular or curve-like manner to surround the patio. It will be best if you can push these plants closer to the roof’s boundaries. That way, you can bring out the curves as well as make the space around the patio more open.

Set Up a Pergola

Some might say that the pergola is unnecessary, but do not listen to them. You will always need some shade over the seating area. It will make sure you remain away from direct contact with the sunlight during the warm summer days. The pergola will also keep you dry during the rainy season. 

Apart from functional purposes, the pergola also adds to the beauty of your patio. The structure itself will make the environment more appealing. You can also add to its appeal by installing ambient lighting on and around the pergola.

Install Ambient Lighting

You are pretty much done with remodeling your rooftop patio. The furniture is in place, the flooring has been taken care of, and the pergola is standing tall and beautiful over your seating area. On top of all that, the plants are making the entire rooftop look as green as it can be. So what do you think is missing? 

While you can always add some additional decor to your rooftop patio, what will make it stand out is some nice ambient lighting.

Get some fairy lights or LED strips for that purpose. You do not have to light up the entire rooftop. Just work your magic around the edges. You can cover the top side of your pergola too. Cover the pillars of the pergola while you are at it. Most importantly, do not forget the seating area. Ideally, you would want to install the lights under the seating area’s platform. 

Install lights that emit solid colors. Go for something light like green or blue. Avoid rainbow colors, as that might seem overwhelming. 

After you are done with the lighting, your newly remodeled rooftop patio will be ready. Now you can have guests over or enjoy some quality time to yourselves over there.