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This photographer’s eco-farmhouse in Oxfordshire has the right trendy rustic interior

I had to go online to my pc to find out why? I thought it should be for private causes however then I learn this story and I’m shocked. I think it is a horrible determination and he shall be an enormous loss to the program. Personally I find him relatable, fun and he looks like an all round good particular person AND I really get pleasure from his presentations. Maybe the goose who sacked Jason must Be sacked.

Why don’t they let Graham Ross go? Who needs to know about lush european gardens after we are in the middle of a drought? And it upsets me that he keeps promoting his own garden excursions firm, the show should not be free advertising for his company. Watching B H & G and saw this announcement.

Just watched the Xmas particular & shocked to learn Jason’s to leave. neighbour” that I’ve appeared ahead to in having over each friday evening. The good outdated Aussie larrikin who would beam about his garden & more than pleased to offer you suggestions & fun while you’re at it.

Why would you eliminate some of the popular characters of the show? It appears typical of the best way the TV stations are going nowadays. Bringing in new blood after which they wonder why the scores for the show have slumped! Gardening is a very onerous segment to keep viewers entertained, however Jason actually kept … Read More