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Come on Garden Gurus or Gardening Australia. We usually are not really interested in watching it subsequent 12 months without the effervescent and charismatic Jason Hodge.

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While this marked the end of the US journal, a British version continues to be printed. “[The Channel Seven executives are] attempting to draw a youthful audience that doesn’t exist [as a result of] your common 25-yr-previous doesn’t watch Better Homes and Gardens,” he informed Yahoo Lifestyle.

How to develop your own food in a modern-day victory backyard

I even have by no means commented on a present earlier than but that is too much. Have watched BHG since it first began.

The Villa d’Este close to Tivoli is famous for the water play in its terraced gardens. The Villa Medici was on the edge of Rome, on the Pincian Hill, when it was inbuilt 1540.

I am appalled at the therapy of Jason by Chanel 7. To watch him on the final program of the yr, a shattered man, disposed of in such a humiliating method was very upsetting. People shouldn’t be treated and disposed of like this. What a terrible choice, Jason is very watchable, humorous and fascinating why you have to promote actuality tv people not those that have actual qualifications I don’t understand. The people who watch this present aren’t interested in actuality tv folks.

What are you pondering to drop Jason from bhg I definitely won’t watch it once more he made this show with his little dog Danni. So disenchanted you dropped Jason he and Danny were mainly why we watched BHG. He made the show all the way down to earth along with his blokey methods and wit and introduced a way of continuity and relaxation to the show. BHG is a far cry from the garbage reality TV on supply however I even have a feeling it’s taking place that road. You will lose many viewers if so as the age group that watches BHG is an older age group that is not interested in sensational reality TV.