The coronavirus pandemic onset made 2021 a defining year for almost every aspect of our lives. One of the areas affected and one we cannot afford to ignore was the collective relationship that the virus made us have with our homes. The measures that were put in place to contain the pandemic left most people trying to create home gyms, home spaces and home offices, which significantly impacted how we utilise our homes. The effect of this reorganisation of the home is that new decoration trends have emerged. If you own a rental property, it is essential that you protect yourself from any financial loss that damages to the properties may cause. Landlord insurance will help offer this protection. Many insurance companies offer landlord insurance in the UK. To find a reputable insurance company, visit reviews sites such as and have a look at UK landlord insurance reviews. Avoid the negatively reviewed companies.  This article goes through the top house decoration trends for 2021.

Decorative joinery

While for long custom-made storage have been opted for as the solution to dress spaces that seem awkward, in 2021, designs are moving towards a more decorative route, with wardrobes and shelves been adopted as the preferred spaces. There are different textures and designs of the wardrobes and shelves as per one’s tastes and preferences.

Layered Rugs

Layering rugs is a trend that has gained popularity in 2021. Layering rugs helps the room look cosy and doubles its depth and texture. It is also more affordable to layer rugs than it is to have a single huge rug. Typically, oversized rugs are costly. You can opt for your dream rug’s smaller version, which you can then atop with a rug that is priced more reasonably. This will give your desired look. For instance, you can layer rugs by utilising a big jute rug+ a smaller patterned rug.

Geometric & Abstract Backsplashes

As far as kitchen backsplash designs are concerned, you can find lots of options, from mosaics, subway tiles and staked stones, among others. Though there are many options, in 2021, the most popular backsplash is the Abstract & Geometric Backsplashes. Kitchens in 2021 have seen an increase in geometric patterns. These geometric patterns aren’t only limited to the kitchen but are also popular for frames artwork, area rugs and also wallpapers.

Unique Ceiling Designs

In 2021, interior designers and architects are specifically paying close attention to the ceiling. Basic sheetrock ceiling is no longer the most preferred choice. Instead, in 2021, the trend is moving towards more exposed wood beams, shiplap, tray ceiling, vaulted ceiling and other unique architectural designs of the ceiling.


Wallpapers were popular traditionally, particularly in the ’90s, but in the 2000s, they lost their fame. It seems that they are regaining momentum in 2021. Wallpapers add interest and texture to the room, making sure that you do not go excessively bold. Such wallpaper designs are ideal for persons who love modest styles such as minimalism. You don’t have only to include tame wallpapers; instead, you can also include wild ones. There are many options to go for, including eccentric patterns for individuals who love fun bold designs and lively in-your-face colours.

Exposed Pipe Shower

You don’t have to hide plumbing inside the wall. Exposed shower plumbing is an ideal design touch for most styles, including industrial, farmhouse, traditional, and modern. Typically, in traditional showers, valves and pipes are hidden in the wall, and only the showerhead and knob can be seen. While this look is still simple and clean, having the plumbing on the surface can make an attractive look. Typically, shower systems that are left exposed are made from brass or copper. However, other finishes are still available, including oil-rubbed bronze, chrome or nickel.

Minimalist style

While some people view minimalism as uncomfortable and cold, this doesn’t have to be the case; instead, the style can be made to be elegant, simple and clean. This has made it popular in 2021. People tend to go wrong when it comes to minimalism by overdecorating. Instead, know that when you are designing your home, having even a slight décor will enhance the look greatly. It is unnecessary to stuff a room with décor and furniture. Instead, keep your decorating simple by using less.

In conclusion, over time home decoration trend keeps on changing, and different prevailing aspects affect these trends. In 2020, the coronavirus had a significant effect on our lives and home decoration trends. This article has covered the prevailing home decoration trend of 2021.