Your office space is cramped and cluttered. It is difficult to be productive in the space and you are looking for a way to make it more your style. With a few updates and organizational methods, you can get back to work in a room that is comfortable for you. Here are a few tips to accomplish that.

New Workspace

Visit your indianapolis office furniture store and look for new fixtures that will fit in your space yet be comfortable for you. You should consider options for storage like a filing cabinet or bookshelf. The desk you choose must work with your height yet be ergonomically correct when you are using your keyboard. You will also want enough space on the surface for items you are working on plus your monitor and external speakers if you have them. Find a comfortable chair to sit in while finishing your tasks.

Unique Storage For Items

If you have your purse or coat in your office, mount hangers on the wall for them to free up additional space. Set your printer or scanner on the top of a file cabinet or the shelf of your bookshelf to give yourself elbow room on your desktop. Having a wireless keyboard and mouse allows you to type off your desk and on your lap or any surface available. You can also get baskets or decorative boxes to hold files or binders.

Personal Touches

Add a plant or two to your desk or cabinets to add color to your workspace. Set photos of family or a fun memory on your shelves. Hang art on the walls that reflects your personality. Arrange your books on your shelves like you would at home to give the area less of a business atmosphere and make it feel more like you are at home.