Managing your garden yourself can be time-consuming, especially if you lack the knowledge of how to do so.

Check for how to manage a garden. A skilled horticulturist and a Gardner is a necessity for busy homeowners, even though some might consider it a luxury. However, there are few gardeners with the best professional services and they are quite expensive. A lot of things, like maintenance and labour cost factor into how much a gardener is paid. Let us look at the average cost of hiring a gardener in the UK in 2021.


1.Maintenance Costs:

Maintenance of gardens should be done regularly, especially when the gardens are larger. Tasks in gardening include trimming and cutting of grasses and cleaning of patios. Larger garden jobs are known to have a fixed price, while normal maintenance work is priced hourly. Though the typical hourly price range of regular maintenance is £14-£25, it may vary according to the distance of your location, garden size and the maintenance company. The difference in the amount charged by maintenance companies and the amount charged by self-employed gardeners is huge.Also, in London and the South-East, the amount charged is very different compared to the amount charged in the North or west of the UK.

2.Timescales and Labour Costs:

Determining the cost of garden maintenance is difficult because gardeners charge different amounts based on how big and how complex your garden is. However, on average the hourly charge is between £14-£25. When the garden is smaller you might need only one gardener. But the larger the size or the harder, the more the number of gardeners needed and this can also affect the labour cost. At the same time, more gardeners working in your garden means the amount of time taken to work on your garden will be reduced. Homeowners in London would have to pay more, as gardeners in London charge £3-£10 more than gardeners in the North of the UK. In a smaller garden, maintenance should be completed in a few hours while in a bigger garden, maintenance should be completed in a few days.

3.Additional Cost:

For larger and more challenging jobs, there may be an additional cost. You might need to consider additional costs like staining fence, exterior painting, garden waste removal, patio installation and decking installation.The price of these additional costs ranges from as low as £100 to as high as £2000.

We have been able to establish the fact that a lot of things factor in the cost of gardening. These things are the number of gardeners needed to get the job done, the nature of the job, your location and the size of your garden. To maintain your garden, gardeners need to clear the builder’s waste, refuse, appliances and general waste. If you do not want to hire a gardener because of the cost, you can do it yourself if you have the required tools as it doesn’t need to be done regularly.