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Going to watch The Living Room any more. “well being and fitness and motoring”? we don’t watch the show or subscribe to the mag to get that kind of information, there are different platforms for that. Jason had an ideal spot within the show and I’m sorry BHG but you’ve made a huge mistake changing one thing that wasn’t broke. So disappointed that Jason and Danny have been dropped from BHG.

I always enjoyed their segments and they were the principle cause aside from Dr Harry that I watched the show. Channel 7 you haven’t any understanding of your market if dropping Jason is considered a optimistic transfer. The folks behind BHG are not very shiny getting rid of Jason as he’s the most effective individual on the show I’m so irritated. Channel 7 pandering to fashionable internal city folks, and shunning their long term supporters. Watch out now for yoga, diets, health resorts.

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So many people watch BHG simply to see him. I hope their scores drop and they need to grovel on their hands and knees to get him back. I don’t think I will bother to watch BHG anymore. Jason was brilliant and Chanel 7 should not have axed him.

CYO on a rival channel soon we hope. I can’t consider that Jason gained’t be back next 12 months. I beloved the present and he was one of the main causes. Why don’t folks realise once they’re onto a great factor???

I don’t think that I can watch the show if Jason isn’t on it. Im very unhappy to listen to you sacked jason hodges.

You have lost both my wife and myself as viewers. Gutted that Jason is leaving BH&G.

I wont be watching the show as i learned alot from watching his segment. I suppose its disgraceful after all these years you’ll be able to let him go. The ‘Pen Pushers’ have made an enormous mistake. What a kick in the guts for the poor bugger after 15 years.