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You’ve lost my assist from Better Homes and Garden. The solely people who make this show fascinating & particularly informative at a suburban backyard stage are the absolutely fantastic Jason, followed by Adam & Tara. My advice to those two would be ‘watch out’ .

He made us smile along with his all the way down to earth and enjoyable personality. Enjoyed his segment very much – dangerous choice Channel 7. You are not serious Channel Seven! He is the jewel in BHG, for the hour-long program, I only listen when Jason is on (sometimes Adam too). Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

WBAY Home & Garden Show

WELL, I even have been watching BHGfrom the start, with changes which were made over the years, I’ve accepted, BUT, this one has has accomplished it . Jason Hodges, is one of the best down to earth aussie landscaper in within the southern hemisphere. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ….BHG. Sorry to say that this is the end for me. I will NEVER watch this present once more . I doubt I’ll be watching the show in 2020 with out Jason, good luck BHG.

As the same old norm channel seven, you let the good ones go, Jason was a very down to earth particular person, always enjoyed his part of the present, watched BHG from day one. The previous couple of years it obtained boring, now Jason has gone no use watching it Boring. My family received’t be watching anymore. We appreciated Jason very much as he was down to earth. Very upset to see and hear Jason is leaving BGH.

What a delightful particular person and very down to earth he’s. It may be very disappointing that this arbitrary decision has forged a shadow of gloom over a excessive level in my week, and Friday nights won’t ever be the same. So disappointing that Jason has been axed from BUG television present. Along with Joanna he was the twilight. Our family is not going to be watching in 2020, disgrace that this has occurred.