It isn’t simple to distinguish quartz countertops and natural stone quartz, even though you’re an expert. Quartz countertops are man-made materials and are crafted of various materials. Pure quartz is just like a slab that is made from the earth. It is considered to be a hard, colorless mineral. In turn, the designed quartz is crushed by 93% quartz powder and 7% by cement or polymer binders. Here are a few amazing benefits of Quartz countertops Toronto


Quartz is so elegant that you may be confused with natural rock. The majority of the Toronto homeowners enjoys and like its look and prefer it over marble or granite.


We all know about hard quartz at present. This is made stronger by the resin binders. The quartz’s durability is evident; thus it is one of the most reliable countertops in Toronto. Quartz and granite are equal in terms of performance. Quartz is nevertheless the appropriate option in terms of endurance.


These are the greatest countertops because they resist sharp items. Surface damage like dents, cracks, and chips can also be resisted. You may use them as surfaces to cut or chop vegetables comfortably.


Sudden and brief heat interactions cannot cause any harm to quartz countertops. Similarly, additional counters can’t be asserted. Long exposure to heat can harm the surfaces of the quartz.

Not highly porous

Quartz has low absorption rates of 0.5%, unlike other surfaces. They are impermeable as the resin binder creates their surface. The same cannot be true of other counters made of real stone, which you must wipe promptly after a spill.


As quartz is non-porous, it is far more resistant to discoloration than real stone. You don’t need to worry about the spilling of tea, juice, or alcoholic drinks on this surface.

Is antifungal

On quartz surfaces, bacterial growth is quite difficult. It’s because no fluid penetrates in it. In addition, grout is not required during installation with quartz countertops. No germs can find a prosperous spot, which keeps the whole surface clean.

Small maintenance

Quartz countertops are easy to maintain. The day can be saved by a wet cloth and soap detergents. Scrubbing is not difficult, as the stains are scarcely attached to the surface.

No resealing is needed

You don’t need to reseal the quartz countertops. The same cannot be stated of countertops of natural stone. Before usage, they are screened and resealed, but after some time resealing improves safety against spills that may penetrate the surface. Quartz countertops are hence cost-effective.