Loft apartments are often relatively small, but you can still make the most of your space like those in downtown St. Louis lofts for sale. The trick is to invest in high-quality furniture and find ways to maximize every inch of your loft. Some of the most beautiful and functional living rooms are very small. Another important tip for maximizing your loft space is to use the vertical dimension. For example, installing floor-to-ceiling bookcases or wall-mounted shelving is an excellent way to use this vertical space.

Ideas for Maximizing Storage in a Small Bedroom

Whether you have limited floor space or a loft apartment, maximizing storage is possible. For example, you can use the back of your door as a shelving unit to hold your bed linens and other miscellaneous items. You can also install a platform bed with slide-out storage.

Another brilliant storage idea is to use accessories as decorative elements. Add hooks and trays to display your favorite accessories. This can be a great DIY project and will double as decorative accents for the room. You can also hang your favorite jewelry on a pegboard or a cork wall.

You can separate the room using stacking crates or a floating open shelving unit if you have limited space. This will free up space and allow you to add more storage. You can also eliminate the need for a full-sized desk. A full-size desk takes up valuable floor space and can be a nuisance in a small bedroom. A fold-down desk on the wall can be a great solution.

Ideas for Maximizing Storage in a Small Living Room

A small apartment can be challenging to furnish, but there are a few ways to make the most of your living space; for starters, de-clutter and sort through your belongings. Consider building platforms to raise furniture or other objects if you need more storage space. You can also install raised shelves for your washing machine and dryer.

You can also add shelves on the wall. Adding shelves on the wall will make the space appear more spacious. Another way to maximize storage is to place suction cup shelves on the windowsill. However, be careful to put only a little weight on the shelves, as this can pull them down.

Another low-maintenance option is to use a ladder. An old ladder can be leaned against an exposed brick wall or against a clean white wall to create a quasi-shelf or rail.

Ideas for Maximizing Storage in a Small Kitchenette

You might not have much space, but there are many ways to maximize storage in a small kitchenette. Rather than relying on cupboards, add drawers or wire racks, which can be pulled out from corners. You can also use pegboard or corkboard as storage.

Instead of putting more furniture in the space, use a repurposed dresser to double as a nightstand. You can use the drawer closest to the bed for nighttime essentials and the rest of the dresser for display space. Add a lamp to finish off the look. In small apartments, counter space can be limited, so you should install hanging shelves for cooking utensils and pots.

Another good storage solution for a small space is a rolling island. This versatile furniture can be used in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. This is ideal for apartments with limited space, as you can quickly move it from one room to another.

Ideas for Maximizing Storage in a Small Dining Area

If space is a concern, you can look for furniture with hidden compartments. These pieces of furniture can double as seating and a place to store small items. You can also use dressers or media consoles that have multiple uses.